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Kundli matching can save Love marriages.

 In these modern times, people are moving more and more towards becoming ‘practical.’ They don’t marry out of social obligations anymore, and would never marry by the choice of someone else. Marriage has stopped becoming a social constraint.

Now people marry because they want to, and marry the person they love. Arranged marriage is something that seldom takes place. Most of the generation finds love and plans to marry them when the time is right. They debunk the relevance of arranged marriage for themselves. And additionally, they believe that as they already know their partner in and out, there is no need for getting their Kundli matched before their marriage.

This is one of the biggest myths that most of the people in this generation carry that all Kundli matching ever does is to check the compatibility between the behaviour of the two individual. Far from this belief, the reality is way deeper than this. When a couple in love are going into marriage, they are looking forward to a life of happiness and are full of expectations. Thus going into marriage after love becomes even more stressful and susceptible to breaking if those expectations are left unmet. 

The couple might go in the marriage having considered all the areas, but what they are not able to consider is the future. The future they would have considered would be based on the present circumstances which keep the potential to change in the future. Thus, Kundli matching becomes just as essential for them as a couple marrying without knowing each other. Kundli matching focuses on various areas and not just behavioural compatibility. 

Kundli matching is needed for Love marriages too.

The focus of Kundli matching

This process of Kundli Milan focuses on various aspects that affect marriage and is also influenced by marriage. 

  • Career: Career has surely become a very important area for anyone these days. Even women prefer having a career in a professional field after marriage. Kundli matching checks whether the marriage between the couple would fare well for the careers of either of the individual. It checks whether there is going to be trouble in the career forefront instead of the marriage or is it going to benefit their career.
  • Health: What is a career without good health? Even a good marriage ends when the health of a partner suffers. The matching of both the partner’s Kundli can become the reason why one of the partners suffers from a chronic illness. Kundli Milan ensures that such difficulties of the future are predicted before marriage so that proper precautions and steps are taken.
  • Intimacy and vulnerability: Kundli matching checks the level of intimacy that the partners can expect in their relationship after the commencement of their marriage. The relationship between the partners surely changes after marriage, and even when the partner have known each other for several years, changes can be drastic. The couple in love has a lot of expectations going into marriage, and Kundli matching helps them realise which expectations cannot be fulfilled and also how these expectations can be taken care of. 
  • Temper compatibility: One of the most essential factors in the compatibility of two individual is that of their temper. When a couple is faced with arguments or conflicting thoughts, the determining factor of the fight is the temper of the individuals. Kundli matching checks how compatible the individual’s temper are with each other’s when faced with unexpected situations.
  • Dedication and trust: As mentioned, couples in love go into marriage with lots of expectations. And when these expectations go unmet, they tend to feel unsatisfied with the marriage. The couple starts having lots of gap between them, the more dissatisfied partner might become aloof, annoyed and could even look for satisfaction outside of marriage. Anything like this can result at the end of love between the couple and maybe even at the end of their marriage. Kundli matching helps in such situations. It talks about the possibilities of difficulty in this aspect and also talks about what can be done to remove something like this.  

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