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In a human being’s life, Marriage plays an important pathway. It is the event that not only connects two individuals but their respective families as well. The luck gets decided to depend upon the marital status of the person. If a person gets bonded with a wrong person, they suffer pain and despair, throughout their life. Two people who are not happy in their own marriage cannot make their family happy as well. It affects the foundation of both families equally. Therefore, through the Vedic scriptures and Puranas, the hermits and saints believed in the power of Kundli matching.

Kundli matching provides with the auspicious opportunity for choosing the righteous partner who solemnly clicks with one another. In the Indian Vedic Astrology, the method of Ashthakoota relates the marital bond of not only two specific individuals but their families as well. Questions like how blessed the family will be with the bond or how will be the health of the child, the heredity will be maintained or not, arises in the mind of most of the families as well the person itself.

In the huge sector of Kundli matching, there are a few methods followed to decipher the life of both. Two of those methods are: Asthakoota method and Dashakoota method. Ashthakoota method is the most famous and commonly used to check the matching of the birth charts. The Dashakoota method is vividly followed in the states of South India, specifically in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and in the few areas of Andhra Pradesh. It helps in understanding the compatibility on the basis of zodiacs and the Nakshatra with which the potential couple was born with. The finalized decision on the peripherals of marriage is the best done by the analysis of the matching of the kundlis or the birth charts.

The Ashthakoota matching makes sure to check the different doshas or the Nakshatras that affects the life of the couple in both the positive and the negative ways. There are different segments that helps in evaluating such terms. The 8 kootas or the basic aspects helps in deciding the life after the wedlock based on the following grounds: Varna, Vasya, Yoni, Tara, Grahamaitra, Gana, Nadi and Bhakoot.

For the successful marriage, both the partners should have a mutual compatibility of understanding on the spiritual, mental, attitudinal, emotional, social, economical and physical spheres of the life.

Through the methods, they help in evaluating the scores of the couple and then their status for the marriage is decided. 36 points obtained by the partners is known to be the best score in the matching of the Horoscopes and it is known to be auspicious for a happy life with abundance. The minimum score that needs to be obtained to clear the path towards marriage is 18. If the couple scores 18, they become favourable to marry each other but if the score lowers below 18, then the couple are suggested not to get married or have a wedlock as it might lead to conflict and destruction in spheres of their own life.

Through the process of Kundli matching, the different doshas are well revealed. The two main doshas that highly influences the married life are the ManglikDosha and the NadiDosha. If ManglikDosha is present in the birth chart, it is due to the strong influence of the Mars over the person. If both the individuals turn out to be Manglik, then the dosha gets cancelled with each other and they become favourable for a blissful married life but if the dosha bearer gets married with the non-manglik, it might lead to sadness, incompleteness, unhappiness and death in the life of the married couple.

On the other hand, Nadidosha gets formed if both the couple belong to the same Nadis. Such an instance lead to strong opposition for the wedlock.

Knowledgeable astrologers and experts are thus consulted for the prior remedies to solve these sort of obstacles before the holy marital union. Not only do they grant with the definite cure but they also bestow with the different ideas that might lead the marriage into the aura of prosperity and good fortune altogether. This makes Kundli matching highly recommended.

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