Kundli Milan holds specific importance in the life of two individuals who are to be bonded into the wedlock. It starts from the time immemorial, especially from the time of the Vedas and the Puranas. Therefore, it has got a rich background all within itself.

Kundli matching is not a hoax but a truth because the calculations and analysis are conducted with the scientific methods by understanding the placement of the stars, planets and celestial bodies in the birth charts of the individuals. When the two birth charts combine, either it turns out to be good relationship or else a bad one. We should not console anyone for that because it is not a prediction but a blunt truth.

Despite all these, Kundli matching holds a value in the life of the couple especially in the practice done for the Indian marriages.

The reasons are listed down:

The Tradition of Kundli matching is quite old.

Because it has been practised from the generations after generations, it holds a definite meaning and roots to it, No matter what, we prefer to stand together with the roots that we have inherited from our ancestors. There are many holy customs that are carried out from the moment a child is born and Kundli matching is the prior one to understand the value of marriage and that is the reason why the kundli is conducted infront of the couple to understand their value and respect for one another pre-marriage.

Kundli matching provides Secure mentality for a stable life.

We may believe it to be a superstitious belief or a mere tradition but Kundli matching is way beyond that. Due to the revelation of our future and the life we are going to lead after marriage, it causes a sense of stability and calmness within us. We do not feel the unnecessary panic to guess that what is in store for us. We do not need to wonder that will we spend our lives struggling or we will experience fortune. All these questions are already answered in details by the charts that are matched in the process of the matching of the Kundlis.

The Physical, Mental and Spiritual realm of the Couple is exposed.

If Kundli matching is done in a righteous and pure process with the level of deep understanding then it reveals many information of our life that seems to be supernatural to us. It cannot be denied that we are the result of the energy that we create and therefore, Kundli matching predicts the compatibility that will be exchanged in between the couple on the grounds of physical attraction, mental understanding and spiritual bonding. None of these feelings can be hidden if it is pure. The couple that holds all of these capabilities at the correct position is termed as the ideal one for each other.

The revelation of the Birth of the Offsprings is done by the process of Kundli matching.

Offsprings or Progeny are related to the heredity and when the two families combine with the confluence of a man and a woman, they give birth to a new gene of both the different families. That is the reason why we carry ancestral habits and intellects. It is never delivered to us only from our parents but through the rooted generations of our forefathers and their forefathers. As we carry their traits, we are also exposed to their drawbacks. Genes also help us to understand the pattern of relatives to prevent the marriage with them because such combination causes genetic disorders or chromosomal problems that are quite profound. Kundli matching reveals the chances of childbirth and the number of babies that would be born to a couple as well. It reveals the status of the offspring even before the wedlock of the couple.

All of these reasons are extremely legit and holds an inner meaning that is brought to existence only when the couple experiences them. Kundli matching is a holy card to be played to reveal our luck towards abundance. It depends on us what we choose for creating our own life.

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