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Kundali matching is a very famous and age-old tradition of matching the kundalis of the bride and groom before marriage. This tradition is also used to check the level of compatibility between two business partners.

Kundali matching is done by studying the position of the planets and different celestial bodies at the time of a person’s birth. However, with the newer generation, certain doubts have aroused related to this tradition.

This is because some astrologers try to read kundali without having adequate knowledge about it and hence end up making a lot of errors. There is no precision and fail in addressing the things of utmost importance.

You are therefore always advised to go to a good astrologer in order to get kundali matching done. This way you have a better chance of avoiding any sort of mis-interpretation of your kundalis.

One of the most important reason why kundali matching is gaining so much doubt is the false news that people spread regarding this tradition. This topic is not discussed a lot an d hence people lack proper knowledge about the science of astrology.

Here are certain myths attached to kundali matching which will help you in understanding the process on a deeper level.

Kundali Matching and Arranged Marriage:

One of the most famous myths attached to kundali matching is that most people think that it is necessary only at the time of arranged marriage. However, despite knowing one another beforehand, love marriage too requires kundali matching.

People think that the couple do know almost everything about one another hence, their level of compatibility will be more and they won’t require kundali matching.

However, kundali matching is equally important for love marriage as well. There are a lot of factors which should be considered for a marriage to be successful. Kundali matching will give you a deeper understanding about how your married life will be.

Low Score in Guna Milan and Presence of Dosha makes the Marriage unfit:

There are generally 36 gunas in total which need to be matched before deciding about marriage between two people. If the score obtained is less than 18, then chances are the marriage between the couple might be a tough one.

People thus think that if such a score is obtained then the marriage should be called off. Another myth associated is that the presence of dosha in the kundali of either the bride or the groom makes the marriage unfit and should be called off.

However, in any of the above cases, it is not at all necessary to call off a marriage. There are a lot of remedies available which can remove any sort of dosha in the couple’s kundali and can also deal with the low score. All you have to do is consult a good astrologer.

Only Method of Kundali Matching is the Ashtakoot Method:

Ashtakoot method is the most famous method of kundali matching and is used by most astrologers. Due to this method being so famous, most people have started thinking that this is the only method available for kundali matching.

However, this is not at all true. There are a lot of other methods that can be used for kundali matching. The method varies from one astrologer to another. The couple too can decide which approach they want to take to match their kundalis. Other methods available are dashtkoot and duodashkoot method.

India is the only Country to Follow Kundali Matching:

Most of the people believe this myth. But, the most interesting thing to know is that kundali matching and astrology isn’t limited to just India.

Western countries have also acquired the knowledge of astrology with time and there are many other countries whose residents practice the process of kundali matching on a vide scale.

Western countries won’t always use the same method as Indians but their patterns too have the same foundation. Certain countries like Sri-Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal have been showing a lot of interest in kundali matching.

Therefore, kundali matching is a tradition which does not receive adequate attention and hence people have a lot of myths related to it. With proper understanding and deeper knowledge one will get to know more about this amazing tradition.

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