Astrological reasons for failure in marriages

Astrological reasons for failure in marriages

Today we all observe marriages failing. There are so many heartbreaks and pains among people. Due
to some reason, it has become so difficult to develop a long-lasting relationship. Being in a good and
healthy relationship becomes so difficult nowadays.
There are many reasons why marriages or relationships can fail. Many factors rule marriages like
love and affection, trust, acceptance, etc. these things are important and they build the relationship
between two people. Partners should have love and affection. There should be trust and acceptance
as well.
But sometimes, there are astrological reasons as well because of which marriages fail. Kundali
matching is the ritual which decides the compatibility between two people. Hence, when astrology is
determining the marriage then it can also determine the failure of marriages.

What are the astrological reasons behind the failure of marriages?

  1. One of the most common reasons can be low compatibility. There are times when people marry
    even if they have low compatibility. It mostly happens in love marriages. But a long term loving
    relationship doesn’t guarantee a good married life. There have been many instances where the
    couple after being in a good relationship separates after marriages.
    The reason is low compatibility. Marriage is a big thing. Someone is becoming your partner for life.
    Hence, it should be with an individual with whom you are compatible.
  2. Another important factor that can affect marriages according to Kundali matching is the
    unfavorable position of the planet Venus. In astrology, Venus is considered to be the planet of love.
    It rules all the love relationships in our lives. Hence, in most cases the relationships or mostly marriages
    fail due to the unfavorable position of Venus.
    If Venus is not placed correctly in a Kundali, then it can bring major problems in the lives of two
    proposed partners. Hence, the couple getting married should have the correct placement of Venus
    otherwise, there will be lots of probability of failed marriages. Even if the marriage doesn’t fail still
    there will be many problems arising in the marriage due to the incorrect placement of the planet
    If the Venus is placed between the Sun and the Moon then the placement is considered to be
    unfavorable. If the relation between Venus and Mars or Venus and Saturn is not good, then the
    marriage will be having many problems. This can become a big reason behind the failure of the
  3. If the planet Venus is influenced by Rahu, then also the marriage can have serious chances of
    breaking. The influence of Rahu is considered to be very malefic and not favorable for marriages at
    all. The negative influence of Rahu on Venus can make romantic relationships of life very difficult.
    There might be anger issues, misunderstanding, disputes between the couple. Hence, they might fall
    out of love easily.
  4. Mangal dosha in Kundali matching can be another reason why Marriages fail. Not many people
    focus on the ritual of Kundali matching where the presence of Doshas is checked in detail. As a result
    of which, the marriages sometimes fail due to not performing any remedies to cancel the effect of the
    Mangal dosha is a very dangerous dosha in the Kundali and hence, it should be checked and necessary
    remedial measures should be taken otherwise, it will negatively influence the marriage. In most cases,
    the Mangal dosha is found out to be the most important reason behind the failure of the marriages.
  5. Apart from Mangal dosha, there are many other doshas as well which causes the failure of marriages.
    Doshas like Nadi Dosha can also affect marriages to a huge extent. Nadi dosha mainly influences
    health and childbirth. It can cause infertility and can make the next generation weaker and
    But apart from health factors, Nadi dosha also affects marriages. In many cases, the Nadi dosha
    became the reason behind the separation of two people.

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