Finding a life partner is not an easy job, especially when it is an arranges settlement. And
living in a traditionally vast and cultural country like India one needs to keep several
aspects of rituals and traditions in mind. Astrologers and their predictions have a great
hold on our society since the very beginning. As laid out by our forefathers, the importance
of Kundali Milan by name and janm kundali is considered to be a vital aspect of
matchmaking. In the case of two people not known to each other, the gunas and the
kootas are extremely important to take into consideration while determining the
compatibility of the bride and the groom. 


Kundali Milan by name and janm Kundali is of utmost importance for people who still
believe in the art of astrology and the power of these rituals. Considering the match of the
two parties involved by name is always more preferable, but apart from the name factor,
the most important part is taking all the kootas into consideration. Well, if you’re totally a
new bee to the koota analysis then you might be interested in what is in store further.
There are eight kootas in total and considering the original names or the names on the
Birth chart sure yes play an important role win Kundali Milan, but matching these kootas is
the topmost priority in every case. 

Moon is one the major dominating factor in Kundali Milan by name and janm kundali, as
the moon is the soul significator of our mind, emotion and temperament as well. So, Gun
Milan method or the asthma koota method includes the following kootas- varna, vasya,
tara, yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Rashi, and Nadi. All these kootas are designated with
certain slotted marks and adding these marks will get the total of guna which is 36. And
out of these 36, 18 is the required number of matches. 


Vasya Koota is for spiritual compatibility, Varna looks out for the caste of the two parties,
Tara koota is for the depth and intensity of the relationship, Yoni looks out for the latent
characteristics, Graha Maitri is for the psychological compatibility, gana depicts conjugal
harmony and Rashi and Nadi portray mutual understanding. So, all in all, keeping an eye
on this kootas is extremely important so as to lead a happily ever after with your sure shot
partner by your side.