Love Marriage & Kundali Matching

Love Marriage & Kundali Matching

We are very sure that at some point of time in your life you might have come around to
a relentless debate between arranged marriage and love marriage. This debate mainly takes
place in a lot of Indian families. Now if We are about to tell you something about the
arranged marriages in India parents are the ones who take care of almost everything that is
involved in your marriage right from matching your Kundali after booking the banquet hall
and whatnot. Astrology is something which is very important for them as that is something
which will help them decide whether is it a good decision for the children to get married or
are they even a good match they can also predict the compatibility with the help of astrology
by matching their Kundli. In this case, it sounds very simple and in reality, it is but what if
you are someone who is good to have a love marriage you never fall in love with someone
after checking your Kundali or to put it in other words you wouldn’t have even bothered
about the Kundali when you first meet your significant other and the love which you have for
your significant other has got nothing to do with the Kundali and the compatibility with the
Kundali tells because you already are and you have that confirmed in the reality that you love
each other but now the question arises is it a good idea to check your Kundali even if you
love each other?

What effect Kundali matching has on love marriages?

Now that you have decided to have a love marriage we are very sure that you are not
checking the Kundali of your significant other or you are not going to the astrology of your
significant other before you fell in love with her or rather you didn’t even care about that
because the feeling was so good that all these concepts and phenomena were trivial at that
time oh they couldn’t get much of your attention. and we would like to tell you this fact that it almost takes 4 seconds for you to decide whether you are going to love someone or not and trust me you cannot check astrology in such a short period. So now that you have already decided that you are going to have a love
marriage the main question arises about the Kundali or we can completely understand that
you might have this fear of your Kundali do not match or you might have this year of “Manglik Dosh”. So before we even start the answer to the question we would like to tell you
something with the help of an analogy.

Mobile App analogy

You are reading this article mostly from a mobile phone that has an application that helps
you to load the webpage and intern read the article. You might be reading this article from
your desktop and again even on your desktop, you are going to have an application which
will help you render the page and read this article so when you bought your desktop or when
you bought your mobile phone there were some applications which were pre-installed or the
applications which you did not install on your own and just the way like those applications
astrology is something which helps you identify the applications in which you were born
with or talking more about that it lets you know about your karmic structure.
Now that you know what karmic structure is we can start with the answer to the question that
is it a good idea to match your Kundali is if you truly love each other. The answer starts with
a very big assumption that you truly love each other and if you really love each other then
there is good news for you that the astrology has no influence on you are completely
independent and no planet or no position of any planet is going to govern your future or is
going to have any influence on your life because if you truly love someone you have the
power to dissolve the karmic structure that you were born with. The issue is that many people
don’t know what true love is and even if your marrying that doesn’t mean that your love is
true for you truly love your partner your karmic structure is only going to dissolve when you
truly love your partner and if you don’t then the astrology will have some influence on you
and this is the reason why the answer to the question becomes more complex because it has
some prerequisites for you it has something which many people don’t understand and that is
about true love. True love is not about receiving something nowadays people are dependent
on each other and they miss understand that feeling of dependence as the love that is not
what love true love is something where you don’t expect anything back and you enjoy the art
of giving so if you are truly in love with your partner you already have dissolved your karmic
structure and congratulations for your wedding!