What is kundali matching? Why is it advised that kundali matching should be done
before marriage? How is a concept as kundali matching even surviving or existing
in the twenty first century? Kundali matching is the matching of the birth charts of
the prospective bride and the prospective groom before marriage. Now, kundali
matching serves two main purposes and that is to know whether the two
individuals that are getting married will be happy together and are well suited with
each other, and the other purpose being that to know how long will the marriage
last and whether it will be a healthy relationship or not.

Why is it said that kundali matching should be done before getting married?

As said before, kundali matching not only checks the compatibility between the
individuals that are about to get married, kundali matching also analyses for how
long will their marriage last. Apart from that, kundali matching also determines the
relationship you would share with your in laws, the financial security the
individuals will have in their marriage, the health of both the individuals, the
spiritual compatibility shared between the individuals, the emotional compatibility
shared between the individuals, the physical compatibility shared between the
individuals, the mental understanding shared between the individuals, their outlook
on life and so on, kundali matching analyses, determines and matches all of that
and more. If the relationship that the individual shares with his/her in laws is not
peaceful and well, then it this friction in their relationship is bound to cause a
disturbance in the harmony of the house. If one of the individual’s health starts
deteriorating and failing during the course of their marriage, you do not want a
partner who would leave you or sometimes, you do not want a partner who would
not be with you for long. The loss would not only pain the members of the family
but it would also traumatise the members of the family and the person that was
married to this particular individual as well.

How does kundali matching help you find the right partner for you?

As said above, kundali matching matches all the necessary aspects that would help
you to not only get a better understanding of the relationship you share with your
partner, but will also help you gain a deeper insight to how your partner exactly is
and how compatible are the both of you together, and will the relationship the both
of you share will last and prosper.

Now, to go in further detail of how kundali matching will help you know if your
partner is the right one for you, kundali matching involves another process, which
is called the gun milan process method which is also the final step of the
compatibility test. It matches your partner and you on a number of levels, ranging
from the amount of ego and pride the both of you bring into the relationship to the
spiritual compatibility the both of you share to the relationship the both of you will
share with your respective in laws to the number of children your partner and you
will have and whether they will be healthy or not. This another reason why kundali
matching should be done before marriage because if the marriage does not last for
long or shows a lot of problems when it comes to the compatibility between the
individuals, the marriage would not last and it will be a short lived marriage. When
it comes to marriage, everyone wants a marriage that lasts and a partner that would
support them not only through all the good phases in life but through the rough and
hard phases in life as well.

This is why kundali matching is advised to be done before marriage and to be
performed before the wedding itself. Moreover, it also helps in knowing if the
individuals have any form or sort of dosha that is plaguing their marriage and is
affecting their relationship. These doshas are important to know and be found
before marriage, because in many cases doshas tend to be dangerous and can even
cause the early death of the partner of the individual.