Have you ever been to a land of diverse cultures and traditions? Well, if not then you must
definitely visit a country like India, as this nation relies on the charms of traditions and
cultural beliefs due to the superstitious mindset of the people in our country. India tends to
have a wide variety of rituals that one needs to follow in order to live a happy life without
any grief and conflict. 

While every achievement in India is incomplete without a pinch of rituals added to it, and
this is because of the existence of Vedic astrology in our country. Speaking of astrology, do
you know that this single concept involves several other aspects? Well, if not then let us
give you a little brief about these concepts. 


First and foremost is the most popular concept amounts married and unmarried couples is
the concept of kundali matching. Kundali matching is a process that helps us in
matchmaking by following the step-by-step process of ahthakoota method, checking of
doshas if any along with their remedies, planetary positions, and the bifurcation of malefic
as well as benefic planets and the positioning and significance of the twelve houses in
astrology. All these combined for the meaning of kundali matching. 


Coming on to the next one- tarot readings, these also help us with predictions, but tarot
reading is not the one that focuses only on the concepts of predictions, instead, it tends to
provide us with guidance. Tarot reading is believed to be a concept that follows the magic
of cards, it involves a deck of 78 cards, divided into two. 

One is the major arcana cards with 22 cards in it and minor arcana cards with 56 cards in
them further divided into four divisions of suits- suit of cups, suit of wands, pentacles, and
swords. Tarot cards tend to give us insight guidance about our present, past as well as
future and it helps you decide where are you probably going wrong in life. 


The asks one is numerology, and this is a game of numbers, which probably decide the
fate of your life. Numerology follows the readings of the numbers that rule your life, like
that of your life path number, your date of birth, and a few more aspects.