Should Kundali Matching be done for Love Marriages?

Should Kundali Matching be done for Love Marriages?

Marriage or Vivaha is amongst the 16 non-secular rites/conducts or 16 Samskaras. Samskaras play a
completely different role in an individual’s life and accordingly, they’re celebrated and revered.
Kundali Milan is the marriage matching of both the individuals before the wedlock. Dashtakoot and
Ashtakoot are 2 significantly received matching apps in Vedic Astrology. It implies the impact of the
individuals on conjugal life and remedial steps must be considered in case of any inauspicious yogas
simply to check a healthful and cheerful wedded life.

It’s all about finding the ‘Perfect’ Partner through Kundali Milan

In Vedic Astrology, the idea of Horoscope matching or Kundali Matching might extremely be
prominent. Wedlock is referred to be an auspicious relationship between two different individuals,
bringing them together for a healthful and prolonged wedded life. There are a couple of names for
marriage matchmaking, for example, Horoscope Matching, Kundali Matching, Lagna Melapak, Guna
Matching, & Compatibility, and many others. The phases which may be considered very well before
the wedlock are:-
– Manglik Dosha
– Guna Matching
– The vitality of the Navamsa Chart

There are 8 factors of Kundali Matching, but do you know what they are:

Jati or Varna
In the Vedic Astrology, each individual is brought into the universe under every class or Varna of the
Birth signs. It’s the match which is done on their Varnas, which portrays their status with one
another. Varna is categorized into four fragments i.e. Kshatriyas, Brahmins, Shudras, and Vaishya.

It’s the match of emotions, attraction, and desire between both individuals. It indicates their respect
and compassion. Also, it portrays dominancy between the bride and the groom, Vashya computes
everything. A person is divided into five unique sections, for example, wild animals (vanchar), human
(Manav), water animals (Jalchar), tiny animals (Chatuspad), and Insects (Keet).


Tara is the match of the planetary structures’ positions including moon and stars in the chart of both
the individuals. It depicts the fate they’re about to live together and the fortune that would highly
profit them.

This Koota is the relationship that takes place between the 2 zodiac signs. It is the check of
compatibility and similarity between zodiacs. If the friendliness is auspicious and affirmative, the
doshas or faults become void.


Gana portrays social conduct matches. 3 Ganas are portioned in this koota. They are divided into
Manav or Manushya Gana (Humans), Deva Gana (Gods), and Rakshas Gana (Demons).


Nakshatras hold a unique spot in the computation of Yoni, introduced in the creation of signs or
animals. It portrays the conduct of the animal as per the Zodiac signs. This is to comprehend the
compatibility of the individuals, their sexual desires, and the intimacy, they experience with each


Rashi is the computation of sentiments that are transferred in the couple’s horoscope. It is majorly
connected to the Moon’s position. If the position of the moon position is in the 12th and 7th of the
boy’s chart, it’s extremely optimistic and considered auspicious. On the other hand, if the position of
the moon is 6, 5, 4, 3, 2nd in the boy’s birth chart is compared to the girl, it is extremely
unpropitious. A similar technique is followed for ladies. If the position of the moon is7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and
2, then it’s viewed as affirmative whereas if the position of the moon is 12th in the birth chart with a
comparison with the boy, it is extremely inauspicious.


Nadi is the computation of health and genes that demands to be attained between the birth charts
of both individuals. Nadi mainly consists of three sections, for example, Pitta (Bile), Vata (Air), and
Kappa (mucus).

Hence, a total of 36 qualities must be attained for a holy Gunn Matching method technique and
joyous wedlock. There are a couple of impacts on certain qualities through this procedure.
If the qualities are:
 Less than 18 qualities: It is inauspicious for wedlock.
 Between 18 to 24 qualities: Accepted and satisfactory for wedlock proposal.
 Between 24 to 32 qualities: Qualities of happy marriage and high success.
 Between 32 to 36 qualities: This is the most beautiful and auspicious point of marriage