Get Insights About your Future Marital Life and your Spouse Using the Techniques of Online Kundali Matching

Get Insights About your Future Marital Life and your Spouse Using the Techniques of Online Kundali Matching

The online kundali matching is a time-testing tool used by generations before us to know all
about the life they will lead in the future. In India, especially in Hinduism, it is said that after
marriages, two souls join into one for this life and the next.

The concept of soul mate is not foreign in Vedic astrology. Online kundali matching is the modern tool used by people all around the world to know about their future. Online kundali matching makes sure that you find your soulmate and have a happy life ahead. But before seeing the benefits of Online kundali matching we should know how this process is performed.

Conducting Online kundali matching…

Online kundali matching can be easily performed by yourself at home. It is an easy process that needs some basic details of the probable bride and the probable groom to make a match between them that will be harmonious in the future. The method is fairly easy since many computer programs are devised for performing Online kundali matching.

While performing it at home, get the details of the bride and groom with you about their time, date, and place of
birth. Many people think that the place of birth is not important, but it is a myth. Enter the details in the placeholders given on the popular online kundali matching tool of your choice.  Using these details the natal chart is made. The alignment of planets is taken into consideration while making the Janam kundali and an educated astrologer can tell you all about the calculations required to make these charts.

The “Shubh Mahurat” of the nuptials can also be made using the charts, which will make the better match concrete in the future. So an online kundali matching is taken into high regard.  The online kundali matching is done using the Ashtakoot method unless specified otherwise. This is because the Asthakoot method or the method of 8 houses is easier to perform since it considers the planets to be static.

This method is more popular with the general public too. The natal charts and the D-9 charts are matched with the Ashtakoot method and point out of 36 are matched for a good score. Points that are lesser than 18 are not considered well for a good match. The points between 18 and 26 are alright and a score more than 26 is thought to be very lucky and advantageous for the harmony of the prospective bride and groom.

Advantages of Online kundali matching

The best advantage of online kundali matching is that it can be performed anywhere and by anyone. You do not need hefty tools to perform it. Only the basic details of the bride and groom are required. Also, you can perform it as many times as you want with different permutations to be surer of the results. Many websites provide this facility free of cost.