Kundali Matching for Marriage is a Prescription, not discrimination.

Kundali Matching for Marriage is a Prescription, not discrimination.

Some many myths and stereotypes surround Kundali Matching for Marriage. For some, it is something that can enhance their love and marital life. For some, it is just a money-making hoax. Both possibilities are true to some extent but it also depends on the source and person you’re getting Kundali Matching for Marriage. People still prefer their trusted priests and astrologers to come into their homes and ask about the horoscope match for their child and his or her potential wife or husband. Let us go through some of the stereotypes that surround Kundali Matching for Marriage and make the most of this ancient tool without dismissing it completely.

What is Kundali Matching for Marriage?

Kundali Matching for Marriage is a process of matching the horoscopes of the couple in question. It is done to get a thorough glimpse at their marital life and whether they’d be suitable for one another in the long term. Astrology is the backbone of Kundali Matching for Marriage. These three ingredients – date, time, and place of birth—are needed for an apt Kundali Matching for Marriage. In India, we follow a lunisolar calendar which is a great guide in aiding in the process of Kundali Matching for Marriage.

Can’t I go without Kundali Matching for Marriage?

You definitely can go without Kundali Matching for Marriage. It is not enforcement. It is just a prescription. It is prescribed just to make sure whether there’s harmonious compatibility between you and your lover. Now you may ask if I love somebody, they’re compatible with me. This is far-fetched from the truth. These things do not work out in the long run, no matter how much you love your lover or vice versa. There are subtle things that can make or break a relationship. If you’re aware of them, you know what I’m talking about.

Kundali Matching for Marriage is a great advantage, a glimpse into the future of your marriage. Some things will resonate and some things may not. That’s not the point. The point is to be open and willing to know. Ultimately, it depends on you and the quality of your partnership that will decide the longevity of your marriage.

What the youth thinks…

Kundali Matching for Marriage should not be treated as something which has the right to give any kind of ultimatum. No. Whether things can work out or not according to Kundali Matching for Marriage, there are always remedies that are suggested. It is upon you to confirm to them or not. Kundali Matching for Marriage is not a bane. Please do not treat it like that. It is a prescription for the wellbeing of both you and your partner so you do not get all beaten up by what we call life.