Connecting the Heartstrings Using Kundali Matching Online

Connecting the Heartstrings Using Kundali Matching Online

While kundali matching online many people just see the total score and make a decision based on it. Although it is a fact that the score is important for a good score, it is not the only factor that matters while making a decision. There are many cosmic parties at play at once and all of them are of equal importance. So rather than looking at the cosmic bodies and how they can affect us, let us discuss the important factors that you should consider while doing Kundli matching online by yourself.

The first factor – Longevity

This is the prime factor that needs to be considered while kundali matching online because all the other factors are dependent on this. The timeline of the life of both prospective bride and groom must be is important to see if their life ratio is affected by marrying each other. Often Mangal dosh (effect of mars) is used to calculate this.

The second factor- Health

Similar to the first-factor health is also important to consider while kundali matching online. There is a famous proverb that says “health is wealth” and Vedic astrology keeps this in high regard. The possibility for the bride or groom to get any incurable disease must be checked while Kundali matching online. If either of the two has poor heath they would not have a good marital life.

The third Factor- Finance

We sure do wish for a utopian life where the money would not be the driving force of nature, but the truth of the matter is money is important to sustain a good life. Money guided the lives of people even when the Vedic practices were made, and now in its modern equivalent- Kundali matching online.

The fourth factor- Felicity

The mental connection between the married couple is very important and must be thought about while Kundali matching online. The future of the bride and groom will cross paths and their luck will too. So it is quite advisable for the person who is matching their horoscope to check their domestic felicity and marital bliss.

The fifth factor- Children

Many a time people are interested to know about the children they can have in future and what their nature will be. At times couples are not interested to have kids. In either of the cases, it is advisable for the person performing Kundali matching online to check the potential life they can have with children. The matching should also tell about the affliction the child will have on the marriage.

The sixth factor- Fortune

The fortune that the match will bring between the couple is also important while seeing the life they will lead. All the other factors will not work how they want to if they do not have favors and fortunes in their court. They need luck for a good life so seeing how luck will bring them happiness is also important.