Marriage Matching By Name Through the Eyes of Planets and Houses!

Marriage Matching By Name Through the Eyes of Planets and Houses!

Living in a land of traditions and diverse cultures, one must know that sacred bonds like that of marriage are of utmost importance for the people here in India. The roots of astrology are spread worldwide nowadays because of the eye-catching traditions and concepts that are involved under the course of Vedic astrology. Marriage matching by name and the kundali matching of the two natives is taken into account by keeping the significance of planets as well as houses in our minds. So, let us have a look at what the two of them depict.

Planning planets

Speaking of marriage matching by name and all the other processes involved in matching the kundalis of two natives, the significance of planets should always be kept in mind. Now you must be thinking that how can those planets that are situated miles away literally take over the existence of a human body. Well, this may come as a surprise to you all, but let us tell you that marriage matching by name cannot really take place without the planets and their essence. 

Our human body is made up of hundreds and thousands of atoms and all other chemical elements tied together with the physical bind of the universe. And likewise, the planets are also made up of the same elements and they react to the same notions. Planets have their respective effects on human nature because we are all rules by the same forces. Each planet and star tends to have a different effect on your life as well as your partner’s life. 

And this is the should reason that marriage matching by name cannot be done without examining the positions and malefic as well as benefic effects of the planets. There are nine planets in total and out of those seven of them which are- Saturn, Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, and Venus, these planets have physics existence. Whereas the last two, Rahu and Ketu do not really have a physical essence or existence. How the planets are placed in your natal charts will give you an aide about your personal as well as professional success or failure for that matter.

Housing houses

Coming on to the second significant factor in marriage matching by name, the houses and their importance then let us tell you that the vitality of houses works hand in hand with that of the planets. Just like that the planets these houses also represent all the ifs and buts of human life as well as their bodies. Just like the twelve zodiac signs in a horoscope

reading, there are twelve houses in marriage matching by name. The houses tend to display all the information regarding your personal, professional as well as your social life. Each house depicts certain characteristics, and each house also has some of the other influence of a few planets according to their positioning. Planets tend to alert us about the actions and affections in our lives, whereas the house son the other hand is keen on portraying the areas where you are likely to face such issues of actions and affection in your life.