Elements in Astrological Traditions- Fire, Water, Earth, and Air

Elements in Astrological Traditions- Fire, Water, Earth, and Air

While we talk about the aspects of kundali matching by date of birth only in terms of astrological developments. Then one should know that apart from planets, houses, and natal charts one should take care of their respective signs. So, as for this article let us discuss the four important elements of astrology in terms of kundali matching by date of birth.

Fire sign

Speaking of the signs in astrology in terms of kundali matching by date of birth only, let us begin with the fiery fire sign. Now as the label suggests this sign tends to have a lot of spunk and strength in them. They take pride in whatever they may pursue, they’re creative, passionate, courageous, and a little impulsive as well. 

So, according to the traits what signs do you think are suitable under the category of a fire sign? Well, it definitely has to be the Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo. All these three signs are fire signs because they tend to depict all the mentioned traits above. Fire signs and the people associated with these signs are quite spirited and fiery in terms of their approach to life.

Earth sign

While we talk about the earth sign, as per what the name suggests the people related to this sign are usually the ones who are grounded to their roots and their values. This sign is associated with practicality, cautious nature traits as well as materialistic aspects of life. 

The zodiacs related to this sign are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. All three signs are totally suitable according to the traits of being an earth sign. These people work to see the desired results and they will always be very skilled in managing resources.

Air sign

Air sign in terms of kundali matching by date of birth only is a light-hearted sign with many different qualities. The signs that are known as air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air is basically something that flows all around us and similarly, the zodiac signs who are air signs are social in nature. The air signs are people who are talkative, intellectual, and fair-minded. 

There is a need of being around people and constantly learning new things. Air signs represent a unique mental approach to life. Although the air signs have the same elements they differ in modality. Each zodiac sign is different like Aquarius is known as the fixed Air, Gemini is known as the mutable Air and Libra is the Cardinal Air.

Water sign

The water sign is all about feelings and emotions. Water sign is the type of sign that puts
their heart ahead of their head. They are the kind of people who think with their hearts and are
nurturing in nature. Water signs love to take care of people in any way shape or form. Cancer,
Pisces and Scorpio are known as the water signs. Each of these signs shares the features
that make them understanding, compassionate, and people who tend to focus on their family.