Guidance Into the Aspects of the Sun and the Moon: Kundali Matching Name Only


The Mindful Moon

As we know that all the nine planets in the course of astrology tend to play an important role in your life, but a few of them play an even more important role. And one of those exceptional planets is the Moon. Speaking of Kundali matching name only, the Moon and its positioning in the natives’ life is known of utmost importance while the talk of marriage is on the table. The Moon is the karaka of many aspects of our life, it is the indicator of females in general and especially your mothers.

Also known as the Chandra, the moon in terms of kundali matching name only is known to be the controller of power and mind, and it also gives you the strength to make the right decisions in your life. The general well-being of the feminine clan is under the influence of the moon, if it’s bright then there is a chance of optimistic situations in your life if it is dark the malefic impacts will waiting for you.

The moon is known to be the most powerful in the fourth house, it is the vehicle of your mind and your soul and the balance between the two also depends on the positioning of the Moon. There are times when the malefic effects of the Moon take a toll on your life, but astrology provides a set of remedies for the same, so have a look for the remedies in case of a weak moon.

Remedies for afflicted Moon

-Taking a dip in the holy river of Ganga will help you get rid of the malefic impacts of the
-Sleeping in a place with the influence of the moonlight. 
-Reciting the aarti of Durga Mata will also help you get rid of the negative effects of the
-Serve the needy and throwing coins in the river for the betterment of the children will also
help you get rid of the malefic effects of the moon.

Secure and Sound- Sun

Just like the moon, the sun is also known to be another major planet in terms of astrology. Just like the moon above hold control of yeh motherhood, contrary to that the sun holds control over the fatherhood. Especially in terms of kundali matching name, only the sun tends to play an important in the kundali of the two natives.

It rules the discipline and regulations in one’s life, moreover, if the sun is afflicted by the influence of one or more than one inauspicious planet then the native can be prey to pitra dosha in terms of kundali matching name only. 

A person tends to feel secure, sound and learned if the sun is not in a malefic phase and it also helps the person in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But even if the Sun tends to have a malefic influence on your kundali then have a perfect set of remedies.

Remedies for afflicted Sun

-Serving almonds to poor people and eating them as well can help you out in getting rid of
the malefic effects of the Sun. 
-In terms of kundali matching name only if your sun is afflicted then you can also wear
the root of the bel tree around your neck as a neckpiece