Is Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name True?

Is Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name True?

These days people are searching a lot about Kundali Matching no matter what age group they fall in. A Teenager is searching for a love compatibility device and ends up finding a Kundali Matching tool where he or she thereby enters details of their crush or their partner and takes great delight in reading the information which becomes available to them.

It is hilarious but sad that even though Kundali Matching has a notorious image of being a money-making business, it can be done in various ways. Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name is another way a Kundali is made to match horoscopes of two people about to get married or wish to get married.

What is Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name?

Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name involves matching two individual’s horoscopes to check their compatibility status. But you may be wondering that compatibility can also be checked just by looking at names? Yes, it is indeed possible. In Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name, we take two individual’s names and derive their Birth Zodiac Sign looking at the starting syllable or swar of their names.

All of this is based on a Lunar Calendar. In the West, more significance is on the Sun aspect of a person. In the East, especially in India, there’s more significance on the Moon aspect of a person as Moon governs things and aspects of life such as intimacy, sex, marriage, feelings, and emotions; everything that is deemed important in a marriage.

Once the Birth Zodiac Sign has been derived out, the Kundali Matching takes place with Guna Milan being the very first step of it. Guna Milan is based on the Ashtakoota method where 36 gunas are there in total and a couple has to obtain 18 or more than 18 gunas for their marriage to be workable and successful. All of this is a part of Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name.

Is Kundali Matching for Marriage by name true?

Yes, it is indeed true. But all the information that you receive through Kundali Matching is not set in stone. Kundali Matching gives us the possibilities as to what is most likely to happen and how to be in a state of preparedness for it. What matters in the end for a marriage to be successful is both individual’s cooperation, effort, and love for one another. Respect for each other and communication are also two of the most vital aspects of a healthy, sound, and playful relationship.

Kundali Matching for Marriage by Name will tell you everything that can crop out of your relationship but how you handle and deal with it in your hands; Astrology has nothing to do with it. Even after, they give you remedies for many obstacles that you can encounter in your marital life.

All the mumbo-jumbo surrounding Kundali Matching runs on a thread full of opinions and judgments. If you want to get your Kundali Matching done, go with an open mind, that’s all.