Checking Compatibility Through Love Kundali Matching

Checking Compatibility Through Love Kundali Matching

Love is something that shows one the beauty in anything and everything around. The world is beautiful but what adds to the beauty of this world is love. And when you find the love of your life, everything around and away becomes mesmerizing.

But, finding love is not your destination in life. It is way beyond that which involves fulfilling societal parameters, which involves ceremonies like wedlock, having kids, etc. To survive amidst all this you must know how much compatibility you and your partner have, through love matching kundali matching.


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What is Love Lundali Matching all about?

Love Kundali Matching is all about checking your compatibility with the person you love. As per the studies of Vedic Astrology, the love kundali matching is done through the compatibility test done based on Ashtakoot which has a different compatibility chart and all of these sum up to 36 Guna.

While doing, love kundali matching it is said if the 36 Guna of the couple matches it is said to be an outstanding match whereas if the number of Guna Matches are less than 13-15. Then it is suggested to not move ahead with such a relationship because there are chances of future sorrow and other things.

How far is love Kundali Matching relevant?

The Hindu Vedic Astrology is pretty much an applicant and has proved its legitimacy every time. The description hereby doesn’t need any explanation about that. A Love Compatibility match helps you to check how problematic your love life could be. No matter how immense romance you are enjoying in your life at present and may have an expression in your mind that your partner cannot ditch you or cause you any harm. But it’s not so future depends on many things which may or may not create an issue for you. So these are a few basic points which are why love Kundali Matching should be done.

How is Love Kundali Matching done?

Well, love Kundali Matching involves many many points as when the matching of Ashtakoot’s principle gives origin to various guns which are 36 in number. Moreover, these Ashtakoot are various yoga which is kept for consideration while we are deciding the compatibility of a couple through love Kundli Matching. Here is the list as follows:-

  • Varna yoga
  • Vasya
  • Tara
  • Yoni
  • Maitri
  • Gana
  • Booth
  • Nadi

These are a few of those points which are taken into consideration to help you with love kundali matching

Importance of Love Kundali Matching

While going through the whole process we are pretty much aware of the fact that why it is so important to go for the love Kundli Matching test. This is done to save one from the results of fierceful marriage. There are several people out there who tell they are too much in love but when it comes to the happy married life, then it appears they end up splitting. This test helps one to see how prosperous and sound their life could be as a couple. Moreover, the idea is to save people from something adverse rather than demotivating them with their relationship.