Date of Birth Kundali Matching is the pillar of a happy Marriage

What exactly is Kundali Matching? 

Wedding is one of India’s Sixteen rites of passage. Marriage Sanskaras represent a watershed moment in an individual’s life. As a result, individuals are revered and recognized when they complete their religious duties. Before getting married, every couple should do the Date of Birth Kundali Matching for every birth chart. In Vedic astrology, two significant correspondence structures are Ashtakoot and Dashakoot. This is the impact of stars on marriage, and every match must be properly arranged in order to have a happy and healthy marriage. 

Process of matching Kundalis 

The Date of Birth Kundali Matching analyses eight distinct elements of a couple’s temperament and specifies several adaption points. The virtues of the characteristics given to an Ashatakoot journal determine its outcome in all areas of nature. The octet technique is used completely in the online horoscope match. 

When it comes to long-term relationships, the connection between two individuals is crucial. A Vedic compatibility study of two people is called horoscope pairing. The Date of Birth Kundali Matching guarantees that married life is pleasant, healthy, and joyous, from removing ambiguity to determining a mate’s equation. We offer the finest horoscope matching applications to assist you in finding your spouse and living a happy and successful married life. 

Important Factors of Kundali Matching 

Matching scores, new moon chart, yoga, and flaws are all important considerations in the process of the Date of Birth Kundali Matching for a potential marriage partner. In order to match the magazine of the prospective bride and husband, Gunas, or eight distinct components, are used. Aspects are assigned to each topic in accordance with its appropriateness. The outcomes of all of the criteria will result in you receiving a positive evaluation from your business partners. The influence of the planets and stars on the existence of a marriage is further explored. 

As a result, the horoscope connection method reveals the possible drawbacks of the relationship as well as how to cope with them in an appropriate manner. This aids in the realization of the couple’s strategies’ balance and long-term viability. 

Gunas and ideal scores 

The Ashtakoot pair system has 36 Gunas. The squad is outstanding if all of its points are between 31 and 36, ideal if all are between 21 and 30, and moderate if all are between 17 and 20. 0 and 16 are bad. 

The aforementioned categorization also applies when Bhakuta Kuta is favorable. The marks between 26 and 29 (both included) are good, the Gunas between 21 and 25 (both inclusive) are moderate, and the Gunas between 0 and 20 (both inclusive) are discouraged. The form was claimed to have prioritized Nadi Kuta at all times. A negative Nadi Kuta means a negative 28 Gunas adjustment.  


The finest horoscope is an essential Hindu ritual to commemorate the Date of Birth of Kundali Matching. This technique compares the bride and groom’s horoscopes (birth charts) to see whether their stars align for a happy marriage. The points in a horoscope match are known as the Date of Birth Kundali Matching, magazine matching, or gun match horoscope for marriage. The best way to match horoscopes and organize boy-girl compatibility is to use the date and title of birth. A wonderful and healthy relationship may be prophesied at the marriage.