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Technology has advanced and so has astrology. Now we can even find the results of Kundli matching online. But here is the thing. We could be definitely scammed, and honestly, in the world of today, we cannot trust anything or even anyone. Unless it is a trusted and verified website, it could just be a money-making scheme which would make you waste your hard-earned money. Many of us, do not even believe in the concept of Kundli matching even if it is proven to be right, and would just label it as a lucky coincidence or a lucky guess. Astrologers spend years and years perfecting their work, and their craft, there is no way they spent all those years, time, their sweat and blood in learning how to perfect a guess or foretell a lucky coincidence. We tend to just go along with it because our parents asked us to or because they believe it would tell us something about our future marital lives.

Why Kundli matching?

Why kundli matching? Kundli matching is an ancient form of science which centuries old. Obviously, without doubt it has been refined and changed slightly to suit our world, but it hold true even today. For people who do not know what kundli matching is, kundli matching is usually down before the marriage between the two individuals to determine the capability between the two individuals that are about to be married, and to know the longevity of their married life. Of course, without question, that is not the only thing that kundli matching calculates and predicts, but the health their children as well their relationship with their in laws.

How effective are Kundli matching and the one done online?

There are no two people who are the same, every individual is different in his or her own right and when two different individuals come together, and have to live together, it is obvious that differences, problems, and obstacles are definitely about to rise. This is where Kundli matching steps in, and warns the couple of the problems that may arise and will arise, and even guides them on how to solve them or how to avoid the obstacles that may come in their path. One of the main purposes of kundli matching is to check the compatibility between the couple and this is done by the Asthakoota method. This method goes in detail to tell us the compatibility between the two individuals, the ego and pride between the individuals and how if both of them have both of them ( that is, pride and ego) then there will be problems, love between the two individuals, children, finances between the couple and everything in between.

So, how effective is kundli matching? It is well known for how right the predictions are proven, and that is one of the main reasons on why it is so famous and why many people find it so hard to believe, specially people from this generation because to them it does not make sense on how everything can be proven correct without a valid sort of explanation.

How effective is the Kundli matching done online?

When the janam kundlis of both the individuals are matched, that whole purpose has to be done with the utmost care and precisely without making the smallest of mistake and error because even the smallest, the tiniest of mistake can affect both the individual’s life very drastically and would affect the lives of other individuals as well. Online kundli matching does it faster and is much easier, and can be done in the comfort of your house. There is no major difference between the online Kundli matching and the one done in the presence of the astrologer, except that you are in front of the astrologer with the one done offline.

Especially with the pandemic going rampant, it is always much easier to get it done online and save yourself and other people from the trouble and scare of the virus, and the results will be delivered to you in your house as well, without putting anyone at risk, while getting your work done as well.

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