cutting through the caste system


Hindu mythology has left us with several rituals to follow especially in terms of match
making. Kundli Matching is one of the most significant aspects of our process to tie
together two loved ones. The fusion of two souls is considered to be an art achieved by
several different segments involved under Kundli matching. No matter how cliched and
hard to follow these rasams and rituals may look, but despite the advent of modernity into
our society these rituals are always going to be a significant part of our lives. According to
our Hindu Vedas and Puranas, choosing the ‘right’ one is not just a job done by us, but it
takes a whole lot of belief and astrological effort to bind the two loved ones. 

The Gunn Milan method is of topmost priority when it comes to crafting a relationship
through a spiritually crafted path. And under this method comes the eight Kootas,
mythologically known as AshthaKootas. These kootas are believed to be quite accurate
while lighting a match between two love birds. Amongst all the eight kootas, the first and
foremost is Varna also known as Jati. I’m sure that we all must’ve had a good lecture while
we were young about the four segmented varnas or jatis as they say, am I right? Well, if
you haven’t heard about them so this might be an educational tip for you. Since the very
beginning, as classified by our godfathers, varnas are divided into four sections- Brahmins,
Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras, with Brahmins being the highest of all. 


Initially, we individuals were not judged on the basis of our names or individualities,
instead, we were and to some extent, we still are bifurcated on the basis of this caste
system. The caste system which began as a way of understanding individuals through
their personality types is now an extremely significant part of Kundli matching. The
existence of jati and varna in a Kundli matching throws some insight on the fact that the
compatibility of a boy and a girl is not just based on their personal preferences, but it is
also based on the caste they belong to. As mentioned earlier that, we have eight of koota
criteria which help us determine the compatibility and dedication of a couple, and amongst
those eight, Varna koota is the first and foremost aspect, to begin with. 

As per signs, the Cancer, Scorpios, and Pisces fall under the highest category which is,
Brahmins, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius fall under Kshatriya varna, Taurus, Virgo, and
Capricorn under Vaishya, and lastly, the Aquarius and Libra belong to the shudra Varna.
Now, the question arises, are these Varnas still considered as significant while matching
the gunas and horoscopes of a couple? Well, as per initial calculations, the varna of the
groom was expected to be higher or equal to that of the bride and the varna of the bride
was expected to be on a low scale as compared to that of the groom.

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