do Kundali matching click together with love marriages

Living in a country like India is some sort of a blessing in disguise as each and every
person lives life according to their existing cultures and traditions. When you belong to a
country especially like India so one needs to have an open and mind to accept and take
part in every culture and ritual as performed and as designated by our forefathers.
Speaking of rituals have you considered getting married? Well, if you have then you might
wanna take into consideration the Kundali matching aspects as played down by our
prestigious astrologers. It is said to be a vital part of a marriage, and part from the
astrologers even parents follow the art of Kundali matching to a great extent in order to
provide their offsprings a wonderful married life. 


There is no doubt in the fact that Kundali matching helps in you choosing the right partner
for you, but the question arises that is it always a necessary step to get your kundali
matched before you tie a knot with you ‘to be’ life partner? Well, the answer to this
question can be a no and a yes as well. Since we live in a traditionally vast and diversified
country so we do need to have a certain respect for all the different opinions that people
hold. And as we are moving forward towards an advanced society so there might be a
chance that these long-prevailing rituals might lose their hold on the process of
matchmaking a little. Nevertheless, I’m sure that we all might have seen several marriages
approved by kundali matching falling into a pit, and many marriages violating the kundali
matching succeed. 

Approaching an advanced and modern societal perspective, one needs to be ready to
accept certain opposing to the orthodox mindset. One such step towards modernity was
brought to us by the advent of love marriages in our community. Now, I’m sure that we all
have during the question in our minds that, is kundali matching necessary even in love
marriages? Well, the ashthakoota matching is considered to play a vital role in looking
forward to marrying two people not know to each other, but while we talk about love
marriages the scenario tends to change a little. As per Kundali matching standards, the
kootas tend to determine the compatibility of the involved parties in every which way
possible, their natures, their love dimensions, physical as well as emotional


While we are looking into a couple already known to each other and about to enter into the
bond of a love marriage, these rituals and these matchmaking techniques might not weigh
as much as they do while setting up an arranged marriage. As for in love, two people
come together and they get to understand each other for a long LONG time before they
bind themselves into the bond of marriage and this courtship period of theirs provides
them a mutual understanding about the behaviors of each other so, there is hardly any

reason left for kundali matching in this case. And even if the families still have their doubts
and are of a traditional mindset they can get their kundali matched just for the sake of
checking into the life spans of the two, chances for divorce, further family planning, and
financial compatibilities. 

The only aspect to be explored while the two people are already in love is that of the
promise of marriage in the horoscope and that how the girl and the boy will turn out to be
as a husband and as a wife at individual levels. So, if you’re in love for a long time and
you’re planning to spend the rest of your life with the same person by your side then I don’t
think there is anything that you need to worry about. Just trust your long-tested relationship
and go with the flow of love as directed.

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