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kundali matching

In every Indian family, the first thing that strikes before the advent of marriage is the ritual that is
based on the Kundali matching. It is nothing to be surprised if someone asks to match the kundalis
of the man and the woman for marriage. This has been followed as an auspicious tradition from the
time immemorial.
Kundali matching shouldn’t be judged by its cover as the parents make sure to get the kundalis of
their children matched for healthy life-long compatibility with the potential partner of their son
and daughter. The surety of a proper righteous marriage can only be ensured if the couple falls
under the compatibility, destined by the Universe.


Love marriages and arranged marriages are the two variables of the same path. Both need proper
guidance to ensure a happy family and life. It is because there is something that we decide and
then there is something that is already written for us. Kundali matching comes with lots of positive
effects rather than any negative ones. It not only talks about life but also the skills, behavioral
patterns, attitude, and behavior that your partner possesses. More than that, it also conveys the life
after marriage that is also related to the birth of a child.
There are chances of non-compatibility that arises between the couple after matching the kundalis.
It can be due to many reasons. It can be due to the malefic effects of the different planets that
influence the couple. It can be due to the doshas that have occurred after matching the birth charts.
Doshas have the potential to cause malefic effects over the marriage of the couple. That is why it is
highly important to match the kundali in front of the knowledgeable and enriched astrologers who
can provide with accurate insights about the factors that involve the kundalis in both your and
your partner’s life.
If the kundalis fail to match the way it was expected, that causes a sense of worry for the elders
or the parents. It is very important to know where the couple lacks compatibility. Through that,
the changes can be achieved by developing a better perspective about where to improve it. In the
process through which the kundalis are matched, there holds 8 kootas that help in understanding
the variation of the compatibility based on the thoughts, spiritual emergence, and physical bonding.
Aspects like temperaments, sexual attachment, and good luck are also revealed through this unique


It is always suggested by the astrologers to get the kundalis verified and matched before sitting for
the marriage as it portrays the deficiencies and helps to make them right before diving into a new
chapter of life. It is surely suggested to avoid the marriage if the compatibility is below the points of
18 as it won’t lead to a good marriage situation. Partners who attain 18-24 are blessed with a stable
and comfortable life and scores between 24-32 are known to have a good indication towards a
success to be made in the marriage. Spouses who score the 32-36 are known for making the
marriage successful at a different level of ecstasy.

Couples who do not have a proper hold over their Janam kundalis can also match their kundalis
through zodiac compatibility.
If there are any doshas that are in existence, they can be taken care of through the process of
poojas and rituals that can be done for the well-being. It is mainly done before going for marital
Marriage is a bond that is based on the purity of the mind, body, and soul. It is never a wise decision to
ignore the situations to go for the marriage and face the later consequences and that is why it is
advised to follow the guidance of what the kundalis have to say regarding the confluence of the
couple for an honest marriage without hurdles and disagreements. We can take risks at every
spheres of life but when it comes to a soulful marriage, an intelligent man or woman would always
make sure to protect it with all their life and love thus Kundali matching plays big protection in
their life.

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