An Overlook at the 4 Major Doshas in Kundali Matching


The art of Kundali Matching has been a cultural ritual amongst the Hindu community right from
the ancient ages. It is an important ceremony that is conducted before the individuals are tied in
wedlock. The ceremony is considered to be sacred and even followed in modern times. In
kundali matching, Janam Kundli of the two partners is studied by an expert and experienced
astrologer to check if the match is compatible. This is done by studying the planetary positions
and structure of the stars, constellations, and other celestial bodies, during the date and time of
birth. Many times, the names of the couple are also taken into consideration. 
Certain planetary positions which occur during the birth of an individual, cause the Kundli to
form a ‘dosha’. Doshas can harm the life of the native by bringing him certain obstacles. 

4 major doshas in Kundali Matching:-

There are four major doshas which when formed can bring serious mishaps and topsy turvy paths
in life. It is important to check for the presence of these doshas and take the help of an astrologer
to implement effective remedies to cancel out these doshas. 
These doshas are: 
1. Manglik Dosha: One of the most common doshas is the Manglik dosha. The formation of this
dosha has to do with the affliction of the planet Mars, in the person’s birth chart. Manglik Dosha
is known to ruin marital bliss and cause innumerable problems in the marriage. It may cause
constant conflicts between the couple, trouble in conceiving, health problems, and financial
troubles. In some cases, the marrying of the Manglik to a non-manglik may also cause the death
of the non-manglik. This dosha has been proven to cause problems from time innumerable and
must be checked before the marriage of the individual. There are effective remedies that can
cancel out the effects of the dosha.

  1. Kaal Sarp Dosha: The Kaal Sarp Dosha is a major dosha that is birthed when the auspicious
    planets position themselves between Rahu and Ketu. The Dosha is considered to bring downfalls
    in a person’s life, especially in professional sectors. It serves itself with side dishes of mental and
    physical weaknesses, financial struggles, mishaps, and career downfalls. It also brings ill-fate in
    marriage with the addition of delayed marriage and a troubled marriage life which may end up in
    separation. Thus, effective remedies must be conducted with the help of an experienced and
    professional astrologer, to cancel this Dosha.
    3.  Nadi Dosha: Nadi is one of the eight kootas which fall under the Ashthakoota System of
    Kundali Matching. Nadi Dosha is one of the most troublesome Doshas and can cause an
    immense number of hardships in life. Before a marriage takes place, one needs to check their
    birth or natal charts for this dosha. Nadi Dosha can cause marriage life to fall in every sector and
    brings along with it troubles between the husband and wife, children, health, and finance. The
    effects of the Nadi Dosha are highlighted during marriage and mostly concern itself with marital
    bliss. Studies show people possessing this Dosha have almost always failed when it comes to
    marriages and thus this should be effectively looked into. However, let your worries be washed
    away as Nadi dosha remedies are plenty and also effective. Take the help of an experienced
    astrologer to guide you in the correct light of canceling the evil notions of this dosha.
    4.Pitra Dosha: When a flaw occurs due to the position of planets, misfortune is taken as karma
    and creates a debt on the ancestors of the native. The native is then expected to pay this debt and

is said to be afflicted with the Pitra or Pitru Dosha in their Janam Kundali. The Pitru Dosha is
due to no fault of the individual. It is generally the karma that is inflicted upon them due to the
mistakes, crimes, and faults made by the natives’ ancestors. It is kind of unfair but when
something is already happening, you cannot do much but to deal with it. When the Sun and the
moon come together in the aspect of Rahu and Ketu, the Pitra Dosha is said to be formed. Thus,
if one seems to be going through endless troubles and obstacles in life, it is better to consult an
astrologer and check for this dosha. If the Dosha is considered to be present, effective remedies
must be immediately applied.

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