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KUNDALI MATCHING: Journey to Marital bliss


Kundali matching or Kundli Milan is the Vedic astrology evaluation of the planetary positions,
transits, and the Gunas of the bride and groom. Kundali, Horoscope or Birth chart showcases
the positions of the planets at the time of a person’s birth. It is used to interpret all the celestial
events as well as influences in one’s life. It is an essential aspect of astrology. Kundali can be
generated very easily if a person is aware of one’s accurate birth date, time, and place. Kundali
matching is one of the most important steps in marriages if taking place in the Hindu community.
It is a proper analysis of the stars of both, the bride and the groom to ensure that their marital
life is filled with prosperity. The details needed for Kundali matching are the same, birth date,
time, and place of both the people.


Planets have a heavy impact on the lives of everybody So when marriage as a ceremony binds
two souls to one, it is important to ensure that they are compatible with each other, which
results in marital bliss. The bond between two individuals plays a crucial role in marriages. The
placement of the moon is an important aspect of Vedic astrology and kundali matching as it
provides the astrologers with the moon signs as well as the Rashi of the couple. Gunas or the
eight elements are used to match and examine the future of the bride and groom. Each theme
or criterion is judged on the basis of an individual’s characteristics and then the results are
calculated to check whether those two people are fit for each other or not. The combined results
provide us with numerous ratings that can be studied or delved deep into, to understand each
case. The effect of stars and planets related to matrimony is also looked into. The total number
of attributes or ‘Gun’ based on which the matching is done is 36. Astrologers say that for a
marriage to work, at least 50 percent of the attributes should match or be in sync I.e 18 out of 36
should match to ensure the fruition of marriage. Any defect or mismatch if found, then it is
advised to take necessary steps to avoid the harmful consequences. If a marriage is
commenced without paying heed to these things, it can result in discords and separation later.
Another important aspect of Kundali matching is Mangal dosha. If any of the individuals are
suffering from this dosha then it is advised to conduct the marriage only if they are a couplet. If
there is a demand in the horoscope, it is considered appropriate to get married to a person who
suffers from the same dosha. This, if ignored, can result in harmful consequences.


Therefore, the horoscope proves to be essential in today’s scenario where everything
including marriages is being taken for granted. This technique highlights and elaborates on the
drawbacks of the union and gives some remedial measures to cope up too. This establishes a
firm ground and connection between the couple. Today, We are surrounded by people who
might not take astrology to be important or of any use, some may also consider the horoscope
matching as ‘Orthodox’ but there is logic present in everything if one pledges to look deeper.
Astrology is also science, a science that focuses on the anatomy of one’s planets. Kundali
matching can prove to be a boon if proper attention is given to all of the aspects with the only
motive of securing a good life for the couple. And also, It is the trust and the efforts that two persons put in any relationship that makes it work. let’s not leave everything to the stars but do
some efforts to keep people in our life on our own.