What effect Kundali has on your life?


Kundali matching is the primary base of any traditional Indian marriage which you can imagine. The
process of matching is done with the help of an experienced astrologer who has mastered this skill
adds a person hey who doesn’t seek any personal benefit by doing that. Kundali matching doesn’t have
any Direct effect which you can pinpoint easily but the process of matching Kundali can have a very
subtle effect on the quality of marriage which you are going to have.

Reading Kundali is as good as reading your reports

You must have been for a blood test at least once in your lifetime and after the blood test, you surely
would have gotten some reports from the doctor or from the pathology lab. Reading Kundali is as good
as reading those reports and as a person, it is always a good idea to have a very clear image about your
reports so that you can improve on some vitamins or some minerals which you lack or you can monitor
the level of your cholesterol so that you can exercise more. Similarly, Kundali will help you in monitoring
all the aspects which you are going to face in your life and it will help you plan out the remedial actions
if you have to take any.

You should always read your Kundali!

Now you may be a person who does not believe in the matching of Kundali or who does not believe in
astrology in the first place. but now even if you assume a very hypothetical case wherein you do have
faith in matching off Kundali is are you have faith in Kundali matching the only outcome is going to be
you observing the report which Kundali gives you. so there is no harm in seeing a report to believe in the
report is completely your choice but it is always a good idea to at least have a report in your hand so you
get a clear vision.

Reports might be wrong?

Now you might be wondering about the analogy which you just came across. there are cases where the
pathology lab miss read some value and you get a report which is not accurate or report which is
completely inaccurate so can a Kundali give you an accurate report? what is there any way for you to
determine the efficiency or for you to determine the quality of the report which you are going to get
after Kundali matching?

You are responsible for the result that you get.

The Kundali which you are going to match is completely based on the data which you provide to the
astrologer so now if we assume that you have provided inaccurate data or insufficient data to an
astrologer and expect him to give you a very accurate Kundali that is not going to happen. astrology
involves complicated mathematics and so does Kundali matching. If you provide inaccurate data about
your birth time or if you provide inaccurate data about the place of your birth it is extremely difficult for
anyone to say that the Kundali matching can be fruitful because it is not going to be your Kundali so
there is not going to be any output in matching the Kundali which is not yours, to begin with.

Should you worry about the results?

Now that you have a very proper understanding about astrology and Kundali matching it is perfectly fine
to have a question all to worry about the reports which you will get after matching the Kundali or by
getting in the process of Kundali matching with your loved ones are your significant other.
To put this in a very brutal way you have to accept the reality so there is no reason for you to worry
about the results because that is going to happen irrespective of your belief in Kundali or not it is
beyond your control and it will always be a good idea to match your Kundali before your plan of any
marriage because it will help you come out of the divisional world and face the reality and even if the
reports which you get after Kundali matching are negative there are remedies which astrologers will
suggest you do not have to worry or panic about getting negative reports for the Kundali matching
which you will do with your loved ones.