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Kundali matching is comparing the janam kundalis of the two people who are
going to get married. Janam kundali or as they are better known as birth charts are
the charts which are made and drawn during the birth of the child. This janam kundalis help us in understanding the individual better, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the person. Janam kundali understands the influence and position of the Sun, the Moon, the Navagrahas, and the Nakshatras on the individual and how
it affects the individual and the various aspects in the life of the individual. Love,
finance, relationship, health, career, all of these play an important role in any
individual’s life and astrology helps in guiding the individual through all the
aspects of his life.

Understanding kundali matching with the help of date of birth and time.

Kundali matching is dependent on the janam kundalis of the individuals. Now,
this janam kundalis of the individuals are drawn up on the basis of three factors
which are the date of birth of the individual (has to be the exact date of birth), the
time of the birth of the individual (has to be the exact time of the birth of the individual)
and the place of birth of the individual. On the basis of this, the janam kundalis of
the individuals are drawn up and every individual has their own janam kundali, and
no two janam kundalis are even similar or the same. Because of this, janam kundalis
are often considered to be the blueprint of one’s life. It warns us of all the obstacles
that may rise up in our life unexpectedly and foretells the doshas or the bad phases
we may have in our life.

How does kundali matching help us?

With the help of kundali matching, we can analyze our relationship better and even
know the longevity of our relationship, whether our partner is serious in our
relationship or not, and if our partner and I are really compatible with each other or
not. When it comes to compatibility, most people assume it to be only physical
compatibility. While physical compatibility also plays an important role in the
lives of the couple, a relationship cannot just work and function on physical
compatibility alone. A relationship functions on the mental understanding between
the individuals, the mental compatibility, the emotional compatibility, and the
psychological compatibility between the individuals as well. Kundali matching
analyses all of these, including physical compatibility, and checks if the couple is
compatible on all these levels. Apart from this, the couple should also share a similar outlook on life otherwise the relationship would not last because both the individuals wanting two different things from life and kundali matching is able to foretell this as well. This is why kundali matching by the time of birth and place is
important and should be fine before marriage. It helps you understand your partner
and the needs of your partner well.

The perks of going for kundali matching.

While kundali matching does tell you about the compatibility between the
individuals in a marriage, it also tells you about various other things that affect the
lives of the individuals. Kundali matching is able to predict the relationship the
prospective bride or the prospective groom will share with their in-laws. This is
important because many of us tend to get jittery and nervous when it comes to a
relationship and maintaining it with the in-laws. All of us want to make a good
impression but none of us actually know if we have made a good impression or
not. Kundali matching will also relieve all our fears in that aspect. Apart from this,
kundali matching even helps us improve our relationship with our partners and
gives us a deeper understanding of our relationship and this is why kundali
matching should be done before marriage to know our partners better and to gain a
deeper insight into our relationship as well.