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Having a traditional mindset and a cultural base like that of India, it gets really easy to
assume that this country works on rituals and emotional values of traditions play a
significant role for them. For a long, the Indian school of thought works on the processes of
following customs and rituals to succeed in life. And one of the most important concepts in
terms of traditions is the concept of astrological kundali matching and this is a process that
has been followed by our elderly for a long so as to bind together two people in a lifelong

The norms of kundali matching help us deal with the questions of compatibilities and
happiness while one is about to enter into wedlock. Even though the concepts of kundali
matching are not that valid in the current scenario somewhere, but these astrological
beliefs still find a way for themselves. Speaking of astrology, marriage matching and
individual readings are not just what astrology is worth for, instead, there are more aspects
like Vastu shastras that one needs to take notice of. So, let us have some insight towards
the same. 


Vastu shastras is a part of Dharshanshastra and there are four more elects under the
same. Since we are Discussing Vastu, it basically signifies the science of architecture, and
that is how one knows that Vastu is correlated with astrology. Especially while living in
India, almost every family tends to buy a new house according to the norms and rituals of
Vastu shastras in order to have a safe and sound future in that particular place. 

Considering muhurta and timings before the inauguration of any building, office place or
especially there own home is considered really important for our Indian traditions. All these
factors also majorly depend upon the horoscope of the owners and the housemates and
that is the reason that one should consult an astrologer before making such moves in their


Astro-Vastu is basically a combination of five elements namely, east, water, space, air, and
fire. And these elements are placed in a proportionate manner and it makes sure to
provide positive energy and reflects good health, financial success, comfort levels, and
most important prosperity in the lives of the natives. And these factors of Vastu work on
three principles, which are- The individual horoscope, Vastu parameters, and the timings
or the muhurta. 

Vastu works on the basis of analyzing directions like that in astrology and even over here
the placements and the positioning of the planets matter a lot in terms of figuring out the
aspects of Vastu. For instance, the Sun favors the east, the signs aries favor the east, Saturn
favors the west, and so on. Every direction like east, west, south, and north all of four depict
different effects on the life of the native. So, let us have a look at a few pointers important
to take notice of. 


  • The direction and the main entrance of your space are highly important for the healthy
    development of your personal and your professional life. 
  • Moreover, the influence of different planets matters a lot in terms of deciding a profession
    for you. 
  • Your occupation or your purpose of the space becomes even more successful when it is
    motivational as it gives you the opportunity to grow especially in terms of finance. 
  • Displaying an image of the rising sun in the middle of one’s living room in the east direction
    will help you give a certain rise in your business. 
  • A bunch of peacock feathers in the northwest direction might also help you with a better
  • In terms of your achievements and professional growth, one should consider placing and
    decorating their medals and certificates in the south direction. 

Note the above pointers carefully in terms of having a happy and successful life in terms of
personal as well as professional both. Vastu and astrology are both quite interconnected
so it will be preferable for you to get your workspaces and your personal spaces analyses
through a Vastu lens in order to attain a healthy and happy living.