The Most Important House of Kundali Matching

The Most Important House of Kundali Matching

The art of kundali matching is a branch of astrology that helps in deciding if a marriage between
a couple can take place. Kundali matching is considered to be an important ritual that helps
marriage progress further. It determines whether a match between the bride and groom is
compatible. Contrary to popular belief, kundali matching is very different from superstition. It
includes the studying of the positions of planets and the position of houses in one’s birth chart or
Janam kundali. The birth chart or Janam kundali of an individual is the snapshot of the sky when
an individual is born. The exact moment, time, and place of birth determine the Janam kundali of
an individual. The Janam kundali is what chalks out the life and future of an individual and this
is done by studying the position of planets in houses. This Janam kundali is what is matched
during kundali matching and decides the suitable bride or groom for an individual. As the
concept of houses is so prominent in Kundali matching, we will now study the seventh house of
kundali and its significance in our everyday life. 

The Role and Significance of the 7th House of Kundali Matching

The seventh house of the kundali is probably the most important in the process of kundali
matching as it is the house that deals with marriage and partnerships. It is the 7th house that
makes a huge jump in analyzing the destiny of the individual.  Till the houses before the 7th, i.e,
till house six, every house dealt with the self. However, house number seven completely changes
the focus to the other and determines how your marriage life will play out. 

Signs and Planets Associated with the Seventh House

The 7th house of our kundli is known as the Kalatra Bhava in terms of Vedic Astrology. It is the
house of the zodiac of Libra. Libra is the seventh zodiac in the realm of horoscopes. The natural
significator of the seventh house is the planet of love, luxury, and comfort, i.e, Venus. The
seventh house is very favorable for Mars, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn. However, it is
considered to be weak for the Sun and the planet of Jupiter.

The Sectors of Life that the 7th House of Kundali Matching Governs

The seventh house is the house that focuses on partnerships. Thus, it influences the relationship
you share with your life partner, and other partners like business or career partners, etc. Thus,
issues that are familiar to this house is the issue of commitment in a relationship, your attraction
towards the opposite gender, the intensity and passion that fosters within you, the physical
intimacy shared in a relationship, the levels of understanding and fulfillment between you and
your partner, etc, are all issues that the 7th house of our kundali determine. Each house also has
the capacity to rule over certain body parts. For the 7th house, the body parts it rules over are the
kidney and lower back.

The 7th house focuses entirely on the sector of relationships and we all know the importance and
significance that relationships hold in our lives. Relationships are also the sole purpose that
connects people and are the most important factors in a marriage. Thus, it inevitably influences
our happiness towards the world and the lack of any pain in our lives. Thus, the seventh house is
the most important house in kundali matching.

How the Seventh House is Related to Childbirth Issues

As stated earlier, the seventh house is very important in the realm of kundali matching. Besides
influencing marriage, partnerships, and happiness, another important area of life the seventh
house deals with is the willingness of producing progeny. The seventh house is focused on
sexual relations and deals with issues like interest or disinterest in sharing intercourse, problems
regarding the reproductive system, problems with conceiving a child, the issue of infertility, and
other child and progeny related problems. The seventh house of kundali also looks at the reasons
that help to build a partnership with your loved one. Reasons such as the connection of a
relationship with money, social pressures, and love.