Everything you need to know about Kundali Matching

Everything you need to know about Kundali Matching

Solemnizing a traditional Hindu wedding fundamentally relies on the Kundali matching for wedlock.
In the majority of the Kundali matches, the marriage considerations would begin if the Gun Milan
avails significant points in Horoscope matching for relationships.

Importance of Gun Milan in Kundli matching

Gun Milan is the ‘characteristics matching,’ and it’s one of the few driving forces that must be
matched before announcing whether the Kundali matched for the wedding. The controlling factor in
Gun Milan is Constellation or Nakshatra.

How many points must be matched for wedlock?

18 or more points are viewed as good, and afterward, the horoscopes could be taken-up for
matching proceedings. Well, we would like to share a small secret that acquiring more points doesn’t
ensure a happy marriage, and acquiring fewer points also doesn’t wreck the marriage.

Other significant factors

There are 10 driving factors for kundali matching. Mangal Milan or Mangal Dosh and Gun Milan are
significant ones. Mangal Dosha and Gun Milan have earned such eminence that most people who
proceed for the kundali matchmaking believe the match to be great if these 2 matches. But most
people overlook to match the life span, psychological and mental wellbeing, the number of
relationships, prosperity chastity, and income, the Venus, Karakas and Jupiter, the Trimamsha and
the Navamsha. Before matching the remaining factors, no match is ideal.

Difference between marriage compatibility and Kundali matching

For traditional astrologers, marriage compatibility and kundali matching are equivalent as it needs a
thorough examination of all the 10 points referenced previously. Hence, individuals must know that
the virtual kundali matchmaking outcomes, which, simply by matching the Gun, proclaim the match
to be perfect.

Significance of Kundali Matching

 Effects on career and financial stability
When 2 individuals connect in a holy relationship of marriage, the motion of their planets has an
impact on their daily lives as well as one another’s lives. Bhakoot, the 7th guna manifests this
impact. By matching Kundali, career and financial stability are likewise peeped into.
 Overall Compatibility
One main reason why kundali is matched before wedlock is to know how viable the groom and bride
are. According to astrology, there’s a total of 36 gunas which are matched to understand how
suitable the 2 individuals are and how happy their life will be. Also, it exhibits how their destiny and
the individual star will influence one another. Through kundali matching, we can also determine
conjugal harmony.
 Compatibility to Bear a child
One significant concern that is found through matching Kundli is the health and happiness of
children. Naadi, the 8th guna conveys the highest points and represented the odds of labor or the issues emerging around it, assuming any. Since a family is viewed as complete only after childbirth,
parents are exceptionally specific to protect this joy for their kids post-marriage.
 Control Dasha
When a kid takes birth, the timing of his birth and the positioning of the stars determine his fate. The
positioning of stars and timing can at times be such that they form Dasha in an individual’s charts,
including Shani Dasha or Mangal Dasha. These dashas lead to post-marriage issues and with the
assistance of matching kundali, the same can be recognized. When detected, an astrologer can
direct you to do certain poojas or follow specific schedules to lower its impacts. In intense scenarios,
marriage isn’t wise.
 Gauge physical and mental compatibility
The Kundali matching is done to anticipate the partners’ interests, mindset, temper, behavior, and
most significantly their demeanor. This is an essential reason for a happy marriage particularly
during these difficult times when the entire universe is moving forward at a huge speed. The Kundali
matching also analysis the well-being and health of the two partners. At last, physical fascination is
likewise checked to make sure that there’s a sufficient degree of desirability between both the girl
and the boy.

Why marriages often fail after matching Kundali?

Various individuals complain about their failed marriages even after matching the kundali. The most
prominent behind this catastrophe is the pretense of matching Horoscope and performing merely
Gun Milan. Moreover, another reason could be when Kundali matching is carried out by someone
who’s not skilled enough.