Well, we all want to get married to our love of life. Someone who understands us, we
have mental compatibility with, and someone we already know. But according to Vedic
Astrology, to conduct a marriage in Hinduism, Kundali Matching is given utmost
importance. It is such a significant factor in the marriage that people generally don’t
move ahead without considering it. It also assures happiness and success in marriages.
Moving ahead without matching kundalis will be downright inauspicious according to

Kundali Matching is based on the Ashtakoot system and matches Gunas of the
prospective couple. For matching Gunas, points are allotted to each Gunas. The total
points scored out of a maximum of 36 Gunas decides the probability of marriage. If the
scores are less than 18, then it is considered to be an inauspicious match and is
suggested to not go ahead with the marriage. Scores between 18 to 25 are considered
good and if the match has scored anywhere between 25-36, then it is considered to be
the best match with great compatibility according to birth charts.

But having all said, there is a solution to all problems. Sometimes there are incidences
where the bride and groom didn’t score above 18 and still are living a happy and
rewarding married life. For many years, people have sought refuge from Astrologers for
different solutions to fix it, and years of work of Astrologers have helped people to come
out of a problem with these remedies.

But before you try these solutions, you should take the advice of various well-known
Astrologers or may try kundali matching with the help of date of birth only or name only.
Various mantras can prove helpful to address the issue. Although, it is necessary to
understand the kind of doshas present in the kundali matching. There are different
assigned remedies for each dosha.

In Kundali Matching, there can be different Doshas present which is very normal to come
across. You don’t need to worry about it much. Although, adopting measures to address
the issues to get rid of Dosha is equally important. It can assure you a joyous and
prospering marriage. Doshas in Kundali Matching are quite common, so there is nothing
to panic about. On the other hand, If Doshas are present in birth charts then it brings
several issues in marriage :

  • Disagreement and quarrels between the couple.
  • Facing problems in childbirth or starting a family.
  • Bad effects on the health of partners and family members.
  • Problems and hurdles in career stability
  • Rupture in the sexual relationship between the couple.

To stay away from all these issues, it is of utmost importance to adopt certain steps that
fix these doshas and led to joyous marriage life. Here they are :

Varna and Vasya Dosha

According to astrology, the husband is supposed to be of higher varna and vasya as
compared to the wife to have an auspicious marriage. In case, it is the opposite of this
situation, it doesn’t work in favor of a happy married life. And there can be hurdles in the
married life of the prospective couple. Although not all kind of dosha in varna and vasya
is harmful and it can be addressed with astrological solutions such as mantras recitation,
conducting pooja, donating to the deprived ones and yantras.

Yoni Dosha

In case yoni of the prospective husband and wife turns out to be not matching or
extremely opposite. Then, Astrologers don’t recommend the marriage. Although it gets
void in certain circumstances.

  • If the moon sign of the prospective husband and wife are the same.
  • Their kundalis are free from bhakoot dosha
  • Navamsha lords are similar or not the enemy

Nadi Dosha

This Dosha is known to be a very strong and significant dosh. It can have serious effects
on the life of the prospective couple. Adopting measures to rectify or address it, is very
essential to live a problem-free married life. Few remedies possible are: Gemstones as recommended by astrologers

  • Mahamrityunjaya mantra recitation
  • Arranging marriage of prospective bride with Lord Vishnu
  • Conducting havan or puja
  • Donating to deprived
  • Adopting simple lifestyle

Mangal Dosha

This dosha is present when the position of Mars planet is unfavorable in the charts of
prospective husband or wife. It is certainly taken very seriously while matching Kundali.
Although, you can consider certain remedies to fix this dosh :

  • The marriage of two manglik natives cancels the mangal dosh
  • Arranging a marriage with Lord Vishnu or peepal tree first
  • Observing fast on Tuesdays
  • Reciting Hanuman chalisa on Tuesdays

Bhakoot Dosha

One cannot ignore the ill effects of this Dosha. Its harmful effect takes place with time
and increases in a gradual manner. Accurate remedies for this dosh is not available but
one can recite mantras, conduct pooja and take the help of gemstone to reduce the