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In any relationship or marriage, one member or both members have to provide for each
other. It is extremely important to have a stable income and for that one has to be
successful in one career. Many people don’t believe that a person’s entry into your life
can affect your career but according to kundali matching that is not the case. According
to kundali matching, if your houses match then your career can have a boost or with the
wrong partner, it can see a low. Each person wants to be successful in whatever they do
but there is an added pressure when you get into a marriage or relationship. 


The first house of kundali matching is all about your physical body, the second house
talks about how to feed that family. The second house is known as the house of wealth.
The concept of wealth is directly connected to your career. It is your career that gives
you wealth and financial gains. Your career increases your self-worth and value which
this house drives into.

It also talks about the concepts of greed, hardships, and low self-esteem. Any career
has its fair share of highs and lows, this house goes into both highs and lows. Your
career has the power to change a lot in your life. It has the power to change other’s
perspectives of you and change your self-esteem. Your career is your status in the
second part of your life as people will know you by your wealth or how wealthy you are. 


This house of kundali matching is all about what your career path is in life. The 10th
house of kundali matching is known as the house of social status as it defines your
social status. This house is very important as this house teaches you the power of hard
work and whoever has a strong 10th house will have ambitious goals. The 10th house is
all about your social status as it talks about your achievements in work and your
reputation in your profession.

It also talks about the fame and fortune that come with the success in your career. This
house guides you to take the steps necessary for a successful career and the things
surrounding it. It is not only about your career, this house also goes in-depth mentioning
the things that come with your career. This house has the power to tell you what your
career path will be or which field will be the best for you. It talks about whether you will
be in a position of power or you will be in the service sector. This house has the power
to guide you as it talks about what mistakes you are likely to make in your career. It also
tells you what will suit you the best being an employee or the employer. 


Although the sun is not a planet, it is still mentioned in astrology. The Sun is considered
the most powerful and authoritative planet in the entire solar system of the science of
astrology. Everything and every planet revolve around the sun, similarly whoever is
graced with the sun is a person who is famous. This person is of great importance and
at the top of his career. The sun signifies boss, it states that you will be the boss of your
career and everything will revolve around you. People making the law, people in the
higher-ups of the government, and powerful employers have the strongest sun.
Sun represents power as nothing can go on without it, similarly, it represents that your
place of work or career cannot survive without you and you are an essential part of the

Only a few people have the strongest sun, those people are most likely to
succeed in their career of choice as they will be the most powerful in their career. The
placement of the sun in the 10th house signifies that you will rise up in the ranks very
fast as you have always been prepared for what you wanna do. The sun blesses you
with amazing skills that nobody can match in your field making you the key player in
your field.