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The Need for Kundali (Horoscope) Matching, and its Methods in India

A marriage is said to be a union of two souls. These two souls, after getting married are to
spend the rest of their lifetime with each other. If popular myths from all the vedas are to be
believed, even death cannot separate such a union. These souls are said to be bound to each
other for several lifetimes.

Why Kundali Matching is Important?

The concept of Kundali or Horoscope matching came into play due to most of the marriages
being “arranged marriages” back in the day in India. Since the two individuals had no prior
knowledge or information about the interests and likings of the other, in order to check if the
two were compatible enough, people started to look for a solution, which they were given by
the vedas, the said solution suggested the idea of Kundali matching.
Kundali is basically the alignment of stars during the time of an individual’s birth. Kundali
Matching can be done using a number of ways, there are qualified people who could check
the kundalis of both the individuals and tell if they’re compatible for each other or not.
Kundali matching by date of birth only, is one of the ways in which kundalis of two
individuals can be matched.

How to get Kundalis Matched?

In order to get kundlis or horoscopes matched, one needs to go to a reputed Pandit who has
knowledge of these things. One needs to give a number of details to the Pandit in order for
him to check the compatibility between the two individuals. Details like the name of the two
individuals, their respective places of birth, time of birth are to be given to the Pandit, though
kundali matching by date of birth only is also possible. The method of kundali matching by
date of birth only can come handy if both or one of the individuals are missing any of the
other details such as time of birth or place of birth. Also, sometimes families of the groom
and/or the bride aren’t too comfortable sharing such details, it is in times like these, when one
can make use of the method of kundali matching by date of birth only.

Not only for arranged marriages, but Kundali or horoscope matching could also prove to be useful in
cases of love marriages as well. One might feel that since the need for kundali matching is to
check the compatibility between two individuals, there’s no need for it due to the fact that the
two individuals who are already in love itself acts as a sign that the they are compatible. But
this isn’t actually the case. The kundali matching by date of birth only, or by other methods
also tells us as to what would be the life span of both the individuals, life span of the
marriage, possibilities of a major conflict between the two individuals, and how the presence
of the partner would influence the other’s career.

Now that we know as to why kundali matching is important, we’ll talk about some other
methods one can use in order to get their kundalis matched. Rather than going to a reputed
pandit, once can also check on the internet for websites that provide compatibility checks by
comparing and matching kundalis. There are websites that provide featues like kundali
matching by date of birth only, kundali matching by typing in the names of the individuals
along with their places of birth. All one needs to do is to check if the website is safe or not
before using it. Kundali matching by date of birth only comes handy here again, as the
families can get the kundalis matched without putting in much details.
Coming to a conclusion, even if today’s generation does not believe in this, we should still
resort to what our elders and ancestors did back in the day, as marriages barely failed in the
past. Also, irrespective of the kind of marriage it is, arranged or love, getting kundalis
matched clears a lot of doubts for both the families.