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Online Kundli matching-An Answer to your all questions

Online Kundli matching-An Answer to your all questions

Confused about all that jazz of marriage? Don’t know whether to say yes or no to the one set
by your family? Confused about whether to wait for better prospects or not?
Try Online Kundli matching for the answer to all your questions.

Online kundali matching is arranged to make sure the prosperity of the proposed bridegroom.
Their life path is reliant on it so securing that the stars align in their favor becomes very
relevant and online kundali matching helps in this.

Since the relationship between bride and groom is imperative for a thriving and prosperous
marriage, online kundali matching grants a great way to guarantee that the uncertainty of life,
plays wisely. 

How correct is Online Kundli matching?

The Online Kundli matching is the path to new and endless possibilities telling about the
marital life of a person. Online Kundli matching also lessens anxiety about the future for
quite a few people as the followers get some clarity about their marriage. For some, it may
bring a positive aura and peace of mind and not give them cold feet before marriage. 
Online Kundli matching can unveil the mystery of finances, genealogy, friends, and
associations of the prospective bride and groom after marriage. Hinduism says that marriage
is a journey of 7 births and Online Kundli matching can also tell about the karma that has
been made in the past.

Why is Online Kundli matching important?

To know about the future could work as a boon for anyone. This godsend blessing takes a big
role in Hindu Marriages. The Kundli’s of the prospective Bride and Groom are matched to
find their compatibility. In a country like India, where arranged marriages are very popular
Online Kundli Matching is used to acquire insights about a personage in a very expeditious

Types of online Kundli matching systems

By the conventional norms, the person who is willing to see his or her prospects about
marriage must enter the date, time, and place of birth. If a person does not have these details
for some reason, he or she can use the online Kundli matching system by their name. 
With the help of the names of the bride and groom, the qualities like Varna, Vasya, tara,
Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi are matched and a score is given out of 36. A simple
rile is followed-More the score, the better the match. 

In the traditional systems, the Online Kundli matching systems is of two types. Asthakoot and
Dashtakoot. Asthakoot system is used in North India whereas the Dashtakoot system is used
in South India. Dashtakoot considers the alignment of planets to be non-fixed. Ashtakoot
considers the planets to be fixed and hence is seen to be simpler. Most Online Kundli
Matching systems use the Ashtakoot method. 

According to the online kundali matching systems, the 8 sections in the Ashakoot process for
kundali matching with their maximum scores are Varna-1, Vashya-2, Tara-3, Yoni-4-, Graha
Maitri-5, Gana-6, Bhakoot-7, and the last with the maximum individual score is Nadi-8.
Hence the total score is accumulated as 36.

The same rule of more the score, better is the future of the marriage is used here. If the score
is less than 18 or half of the maximum score, the match is not said to be well. A score from
19 to 26 is deemed to be alright. A score above 26 to 30 is viewed as a score for a healthy
future. A score above 30 is said to be a match made in heaven.
Other systems used for Online Kundli matching are the East Indian Kundli Matching and the
wester Kundli matching system. Western system is a modern online Kundli matching system
that doesn’t take “doshas” into the proposal.  

How is Kundli matching done in Online Kundli matching systems? 

Online Kundli matching is a simple process once you have all the details of your birth and the
details of your prospective partner. Enter the dates of your respective Births. Next is to enter
the time of birth, the precise it is, the better. At last, enter the place of birth. At times people
consider it to be less significant, but all the expert astrologers agree that the place of birth is
important for accurate results.