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Know the significance of your and your spouse’s name availing the Marriage Matching by name report!

Know the significance of your and your spouse's name availing the Marriage Matching by name report!

The name holds significant importance in Indian Culture. When a person is born in India, he
or she is given two names. The first name is established by looking at the syllables which
would suit his personality according to the birth zodiac ascertained by the Astrologer. The
second name can be kept by the child’s parents, relatives, or siblings, etc. Why is there so
much importance on names is because sound holds a considerable amount of power and our
culture has always been aware of it.

Similarly, Marriage Matching by name is a variant of Kundali Matching if you do not want to
include the date of birth and time of birth details for the compatibility match. However, for a
full-fledged Kundali Matching report, the date, as well as the time of birth, is extremely
important. Marriage Matching by name just requires your birth name and your name kept by
your family and the rest you read in the report that is prepared for you.

Is Marriage Matching by name a hoax?

No. Marriage Matching by name is not a hoax. It is a very powerful process to know the
significance behind your name and how it affects you as a person and your daily life. You
must have seen people changing their names or the spelling of their names after consulting an
astrologer. It is because the previous name was not suiting to their personality and maybe was
holding them back.

How is Marriage Matching by name done?

It is done just like Kundali Matching by name. After looking at the starting swar or syllable
of both the individuals who are going to be the potential bride and the groom, their rashis are
ascertained and then the compatibility check is done in place. The rest of the process of
Marriage Matching by name is similar. The Guna Milan takes place and the score is
calculated out of 36, etc. The Guna Milan is based on the Ashtakoota method where 8 kootas
or categories are listed out and the score is calculated based on it. It includes factors
regarding health and family, the sexual compatibility of the two individuals, their prosperity
and career advancement after marriage, etc.

Do I need to be scared if my Marriage Matching by name report has a score less than 18 in guna milan?

No, you need not be scared. It is just that there are more malefic effects that the planets are
casting. If there’s a situation like this, then the astrologers also give certain remedies to make
it better. Guna Milan score is not the end-all game for Marriage Matching by name or any
type of Kundali Matching. It is just a part of it.

Marriage Matching by name is an extremely useful process for marriage matching and as
well as if the two individuals are curious to find out their traits from an astrologer. Belief is
not at all prerequisite to check whether Astrology works or not. It is a science, not a belief