Kundali Matching for Marriage is a tool to find out the nature of your marriage!

Kundali Matching for Marriage is a tool to find out the nature of your marriage!

Kundali Matching for Marriage is the first essential step that is taken in Hindu marriages.
People might stereotype Kundali Matching for Marriage without knowing the depth and
science behind this process. In ancient times, everything was modeled to take human beings
one step closer to Moksha. It was all done for a person’s well-being and the well-being of
their present.

However, as times progressed, and logic amplified in the minds, they corrupted
the Kundali Matching for Marriage as something conservative, traditional, and backward. But
when people encounter the same problems in their marriage, the only solution after nothing
works, they can find is to flock towards astrologers.
Let us see what Kundali Matching for Marriage is.

What is Kundali Matching for Marriage?

Kundali Matching for Marriage is a process where the horoscopes of the potential groom and
the potential bride are taken into account and matched. It is done to ensure the compatibility
status between the two. Many factors form the part of Kundali Matching for Marriage. The
couple’s temperaments, financial situation, attitudes, background, etc. everything are taken
into consideration in Kundali Matching for Marriage.

How is Kundali Matching for Marriage is done?

After the horoscopes are being matched, the first step in Kundali Matching for Marriage is
Guna Milan or Guna Matching of the individuals in question. People who are not aware of
Kundali Matching for Marriage equate it with Guna Milan. Guna Milan is a part of Kundali
matching, not vice versa. Guna Milan is based on the Ashtakhoota method. The eight khootas
are: Varna, Vasya, Tara, Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi. 1-8 is the scoreboard
respectively for these 8 khootas. All of this is done to see whether the merge is nice or not.
Guna Milan is done observing the position of the moon in the natal horoscopes of the two

Now, you’re just a few clicks away from Kundali Matching for Marriage as there is much
software available online. You are required to fill in the details like the date, time, and place
of birth of you and your spouse. Then, the software will generate a proper Kundali Matching
for Marriage repot. However, for more in-depth knowledge of the subject and to garner more
insights it is better if we consult an astrologer face to face.

It is also important to note that the nature of the marriage can be ascertained with Kundali
Matching. However, you’re the master of your life. You should know how and when to act.
Kundali Matching for marriage is not an obstacle, rather it is a tool to help you tread on the
right path and to live a blissful marital life with your spouse.