Get The Details Of Kundali Matching By Nakshatra

Get The Details Of Kundali Matching By Nakshatra

Many people are curious about the kind of like they will have once they get married and the answers lie in the details provided by kundali matching by Nakshatra. Nakshatra is the position of stars when the prospective bride and groom were born.

The stars under which they were born can tell a lot about their life and marriage. According to the Vedic Astrological Beliefs after the marriage, the luck of bride and groom will affect one another, and hence their luck, fortune, and prosperity must be checked with kundali matching by Nakshatra.

There are twenty-seven Nakshatras that guide the life of a person. They act as important markers and help a person find their life purpose. Since marriage is one of the most important decisions of any person’s life, it is good if kundali matching by Nakshatra is performed.

Deriving details using kundali matching by Nakshatra

In the world of astrology, compatibility checking between the prospective bride and groom is done broadly in two different ways. The first method is using the information of the zodiac signs. The other method is using the knowledge of Shastras and Nakshatra.

Many astrologers use both of these methods to get more detailed and elaborative details about the future of the prospective bride and groom. Getting the details from both of these methods the astrological predictions about heath, mental stress, love, happiness, luck fortune, finance, and prosperity can be made easily.

How is kundali matching by Nakshatra done?

The prime constellation at the time of the birth of the prospective bride and groom is taken into consideration when kundali matching by Nakshatra. The constellations are then divided into four Kootas with zodiac which is tara, yoni, Nadi, and Gana. Through the information of them, the mutual harmony of each Koota is decided. The twenty-seven Nakshatra are segregated into four Taras which means stars in Hindi.

The prime constellation in which the person is born is called the first Tara. Similarly, a complex calculation is made for each Tara of the probable bride and groom. These nine Taras are known as the Param, Janma, Vipat, Pratyari, Vadh, Mitra, Sampat, Kshem, Sadhak and Mitra. Each Tara has its specific yoni which is depicted by an animal.

Yoni can make predictions about the pleasure, mental harmony, and love between the prospective bride and groom. Each Nakshatra also has its associated Gana which gives information about the nature of the group the prospective bride or the probable groom belongs to. These can be Rakshas, Manushya, or Devta.

Having the Gana as Rakshas does not mean the person is demonic, the names are just used to check harmony while kundali matching by Nakshatra. Each constellation also has a specific Nadi associated with it. The Nadi can be either Antya, Madhya, or Aadya. The Nadi gives information about the probable children in the future. This is to be checked to make sure that Nadi dosh does not be an obstacle in the future.