When you take a deep dive into the world of astrology you will learn a lot about yourself and everything around you. Janma kundali matching and the position of planets determine everything about what is about to happen or something about you that no one knows. Each planet in the solar system has different meanings and different features. 

Some are more important than others but every planet has its own significance. People don’t know the full extent of the role of planets in our lives. Your janma kundali matching also helps to tell you things about yourself but so do the planets. Let us enlighten you about some important planets and their features.


The powers and the meaning of the sun are self-explanatory, it is widely regarded as the most powerful and authoritative planet in the world of astrology. If your sun is in the right place or is strong you’re considered a made man. Sun also means the top, the head of the table, or the most powerful person in the room. 

It may make you ruthless in some aspects but the rewards of a strong sun are extremely high. It will provide you a top position in society and you will be at the top of your profession of choice. It may be a forceful planet in many ways but it gets the job done. It is also known as the father or king of all planets.


Speaking of the father of all planets, the moon is known as the mother of all planets as it is the planet of emotions and compassion. Your emotions make you the person that you are and the moon is the ruler of emotions. It also describes your relationship with your mother and with important women in your life. It will tell you about the relationship between a woman and her child. It speaks about a woman’s role as a nurturer.

Important parts of our life like the pregnancy period, fertility, and the birth of a child are governed by the moon. The moon is extremely important for your personal life as all these things are governed by the moon. These are not the only features of the moon as along with janma kundali matching can tell you all about your mood. All the ups and downs that come in our life can be a part of the moon.


In today’s climate mercury is an extremely important part of your life and should be highlighted more when it comes to important planets. Mercury is known as the planet of communication and intellect which is a very important part of any individual’s life. 

As per your janma kundali matching, if your mercury is strong you will have a strong intellect and will give you the gift of communication which will help you in many aspects of your life. However it is not only associated with communication, you will have a thinking mind which operates with logic and reasoning.