Why is Vedic Kundali Matching still in use in modern times?

Why is Vedic Kundali Matching still in use in modern times?

This is a very tricky question to answer. Vedic Kundali Matching has garnered a lot of criticism from the youth and the youngsters of today. They think that Vedic Kundali matching is useless where love is given more importance in the Indian marriage setup and that it is a part of the tradition that is now ready to be discarded. Opinions can be respected but only to a certain extend. Vedic Kundali Matching is very much part of Indian or rather Hindu tradition but it is not useless. Vedic Kundali Matching is the science of matching the horoscopes of two individuals who wish to marry each other. In earlier days arranged marriages were the norm but today, love marriages are happening which is incredible that people get to choose their partners for the rest of their lives. But we have to understand this common misconception of interpolating the concept and science of Vedic Kundali Matching with Love or Arranged marriage setups. Vedic Kundali Matching talks about the compatibility of two individuals in love, their temperaments, their approach towards life, their romantic nature, their health condition, etc. It is a holistic package that has been designed by our ancestors for our wellbeing, not for our detriment. Whether you opt for Vedic Kundali Matching or not, it is bound to fetch you rare and incredible insights about the partnership you share with your partner.

Vedic Kundali Matching is a boon in modern times

People are now meeting their partners through online medium forms or social networking websites. They haven’t spent a significant part of their lives with each other and get introduced at the varying stage as total strangers. Many people also mistake lust and attraction with love which is why many of these love partnerships do not work for long. In the modern stage, this is why, Vedic Kundali Matching is a boon, not a detriment. Vedic Kundali Matching just uses three credentials for matching the horoscopes of two individuals. These credentials are the groom’s and the bride’s date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. A lot can be spoken and predicted about a person with these credentials and Vedic Kundali Matching is the right tool for it.

Vedic Kundali Matching has nothing to do with religion

It is also a common misconception to interpret Vedic Kundali Matching on a purely religious basis. The word “Hindu” now has religious connotations but it was used by travelers traveling towards India to refer to it as the land beyond the river Sindh. It was initially called Sindhu and then later got the name Hindu or the land beyond the Himalayas or the Hind. Hence, Vedic Kundali Matching has nothing to do with any religion and can be opted by anyone who wishes to try it to improve their marital life as many Vedic-Astro remedies are also suggested by astrologers when Vedic Kundali Matching is done.