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What is Janma Kundali Matching & why should I believe it?

What is Janma Kundali Matching & why should I believe it?

Janma Kundali Matching is also known as Kundali Matching or Kundali Milan. Janma means birth, Kundali Matching is Kundali Milan. Hence, Janma Kundali Matching is the matching of horoscopes of two individuals to check their compatibility status. In Vedic Astrology, this matching business is taken care of through Janma Kundali Matching of both the boy and the girl. In Hindu Households, before marriage is fixed, janma kundali matching takes place to ascertain some of the prospects related to the marriage of both individuals.

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How does Janma Kundali Matching take place?

Janma Kundali Matching takes place in various steps. The very first step that takes place in janma kundali matching is Guna Milan. Guna Milan is based on the Ashtakoota method where eight categories of compatibility are laid out that includes physical and sexual compatibility, mental compatibility, childbirth prospects, health prospects, etc. The second step is to check whether both or any of the individuals possess Mangal Dosha in their birth chart or not in Janma Kundali Matching. The third thing which is taken into account in Janma Kundali Matching is the strength of the Navamsa Chart. All these aspects are advanced Astrological concepts that can only be told by an experienced astrologer face-to-face.

Can I have Janma Kundali Matching online?

No. You should not trust the results of the Janma Kundali Matching through the availability of this online software. The data which shows up as Janma Kundali Matching results is mechanized and is never accurate. Also, the remedies which they give out are not 100% trustable. Hence, the Janma Kundali Matching has always been carried out in intimate spaces where only the families of the two lovers are present in the making and matching of their Janma Kundalis, no one else except the astrologer. Plus, if you get any query inside your head, you can pose it to the astrologer’s face to face better than trust a janma kundali matching software online.

Janma Kundali Matching is an old process, a part of the tradition but not just as tradition. The whole process of Kundali Matching has been maligned and many of the stereotypes attached with it are just nonsensical. When people get troubles in their life, all they have is to run to a Pundit, an astrologer, or a philosopher. Then they are willing to do anything that can be done to take them out of their problem. We must understand and perceive Janma Kundali Matching in the right context. It is science, and astrological data that is steeped in the study of the human system and the impact of celestial bodies on it. Janma Kundali Matching is neither religious nor based on belief. But if you are a skeptic, you can try it out to pacify that burning curiosity you possess related to Janma Kundali Matching. You won’t be disappointed. Just be open-minded.