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Your Stars Can Help You to Find Your Right Partner: Kundali Matching

Kundali matchmaking is a skill that involves analyzing the compatibility between the prospective bride and groom. Gun Milan is a traditional Kundali pairing technique in astrology. According to Hindu tradition, marriage is approved only after matching the horoscope of the bride and groom so that they can dwell a pleasant and happy life.  

The Vedic Astrology Committee speculates that Kundali conjunctions are very significant for this purpose. Kundali making by Nakshatra has eight categories, named Kootas or Koots. In turn, they have 36 guns or ganas, which must be a medley of the bride and groom. This constellation matching system founded on the Vedic astrological system is also called as Ashta Koota Milan. 

The most important facet of the Kundali matching by Nakshatra is the position of the moon in the constellation of the prospective bride and groom. According to the Ashta Koota Milan system, the 36 gunas as referred in the system enable in finding the match of the bride and groom. The more compatible elements, the happier their married life will be. When the 36 gunas of the couple overlap, the best combination is anticipated. 

Reasons of 18 Aspects 

If there are less than 18 aspect matches between the bride and groom, the marriage will not accomplish, so according to Vedic astrology, pairing with that person is never approved. If 18 to 24 gunas match, the marriage can be recommended. However, in the kundali matching by Nakshatra, the compatibility outcomes will be average. A 25 to 32 match is deemed a very reasonable prospect for the couple and can confirm a very happy marriage. If 33 or more aspects are incorporated, then this pairing is assumed to be the best pairing on the planet, which can lead to a perfect marriage bond and enable people to ascertain connections. 

Whats is Ashta Kuta Milan? 

Under the Ashta Kuta Milan constellation matching, Vedic astrology lists eight classifications. Aspects are written down and the scores for each aspect of the compatibility for kundali matching by Nakshatra are recorded. Scores recorded in all categories are combined to arrive at the final score. 

The Kundali matching by Nakshatra is founded on very age-old traditions and practices and is a souvenir from Vedic astrology to mankind. In fact, Kundali pairing is a science and not at all a superstition. After perceptive analysis, the Ashta Koota’s pairing discovery has become a proven truth that it is very beneficial in paving the way for a happy marriage, so getting a Kundali portfolio investment is the only reasonable way to accomplish a successful marriage. 

Importance of Nakshatra 

The position of the constellations on the planets is also validated in the natal chart. The use of Nakshatra in kundali matching by Nakshatra is very significant in Vedic astrology, much more important than the signs of the zodiac. The Indian ancient astrologers said that Nakshatras depicts the dwelling where the fruits of our karma are listed as per our deeds. 

 Because the constellation or yaksha chakra where the moon is located is called the moon chakra, and because the moon influences the psychological facets of the locals, the moon chakra has an unforgettable influence on the moon. Each constellation has a planet lord, and the situation of the planet (planet lord) deduces the initial dasa or “aspect” of the local people’s constellation. Lord Yasha also plays an important role kundali matching by Nakshatra in inferring a person’s basic qualities and enabling to evaluate the focus of his strength and ambition.