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Marriage is a dream come true for many individuals. It is true that marriages are written in the stars as these stars determine and reveal the soulmate who is meant for you for your eternal journey of life. Kundli matching is the process that makes it easier and it acts as a direction for the proper and righteous marriage.

With the influence of Kundli matching, we can easily understand who is meant to belong to our life and who isn’t. There is no doubt that it reveals the right answer whether we want to accept it or not. Among the different ideas and methods of Kundli matching, the Ashthakoota method remains the most popular of all times but what most of the people are not aware of is the process of Dashakoota method in the ideology of matching of the Kundli. This method has been indigenously followed at most of the parts of South India, especially, Kerala, parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Dashakoota method enriches different factors of the matching of the birth charts. The points derived for the most ethereal and marriage of elixir is 36. Yet it has never been found that both the individuals score 36 out of 36. If it happens, it would be known as the heavenly match meant by the Supreme power that guides us. But the marriage that is known to be favoured for experiencing the further journey needs to gain a minimum score of 18.

The different kootas in the Dashakoota method are: Dina (3 points), Yoni (4 points), Gana (4 points), Rashi (7 points), Rajju (5 points), Rashyadhipati (5 points), Vashya (2 points), Vedha (2 points), Mahendra (2 points) and StreeDeergha (2 points).


Dinam koota helps to understand the health and the comfort of the couple so that they can enjoy a long-lived life.


Ganam koota ensures the sex or the affinity of the mind, attitude, nature and the tempers that they hold for one another. The Nakshatras are divided and segmented into these 3 Ganas- Dev or God, Manushya or Human and Rakshash or Demon. Dev gana reveals the nature of goodness, godly nature and thoughts along with the charitable mind-set. Manushya gana is the confluence of both positive and negative that makes up a human. Rakshash gana determines intelligence, dominancy and aggressiveness. Dev and Rakshash gana are not favoured for marital life.


Yoni koota reveals the sexual affinity or the mutual compatibility of love between the spouses. The koota is understand by the nature of animals and their attitude as well as the capacity towards each other. Yonis are segmented as: Human, Birds, Animals and Reptiles. If both the Yonis of the couple turns out to be the same, it is a good sign.


Rashi koota helps to understand the family heredity through the process of childbirth. It also enacts the process of attitude and the mutual state of mind that the spouses hold for each other.


This koota enables to understand the bliss of the woman with her man and the long life that gets provided to their husband due to that. The Naskshatras of both the man and the woman should stand in the different groups for a well-favoured marriage.


This koota enables to get rid of the obstacles and ill-omens that might fall after the marriage of the couple. It reveals the different obstruction and how to get rid of them.


Vasya koota helps in understanding the magnetic desire that the couple hold over one another. If the Vasya is found to be in affinity between the couple, it showers with the life of ethereal compatibility. The score to be obtained is 2 and 0 point is known to be very inauspicious for this koota.


This koota reveals the progeny or the number of babies after marriage. It is the koota that leads to the completeness of the marriage by understanding the birth of the child that will be created due to their destined marriage.


Streedeergha koota enriches and enables us to know the abundance and the prosperity which the couple will achieve after their marriage with one another.

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