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Kundli matching is one of the most used accessories in Indian astrology which almost every Hindu family follows. With the process of Kundli matching, Janam kundli is a ritual where a native’s kundli is analysed through in order to scan whether they have an ill-fate imbibed in their kundlis or not. The issues in the kundli are forewarned during the birth of the native. This way, the native, when he/she grows up to become an adult, lives a happy and healthy life. Janam kundli is checked to predict your future. It is done when the calculations of a native’s date of birth, exact time and place where the native was born. However, many are unaware that Kundli matching, as well as Janam kundli, are inter-linked. It is only with the knowledge of both, a successful marriage is promised.


Kundli matching is the process where prospective brides, as well as the prospective groom’s kundlis, are matched. The astrologer checks as well as get into the deep analysis of the person’s kundli and see whether they are really compatible with each other or not. These facets are very crucial to be aware off as these facets are bound to make their marriage successful. And if there are any ill-fate found that would cause a wreck to the marriage, then certain remedies, as well as puja/prayers, are performed keeping in mind, the exact aspect of the marriage which needs to be fixed between the couple and within a person’s character traits. These facets make up the native’s entire outlook when they get married. This way, it is easier to learn their behavioural traits and how they will react to certain situations of their partners once they tie the knot with one another.


Kundli matching looks deeply and extensively into the aspects of Kundli Darpan. It is known as an extensive report. Darpan is a reference to a mirror whereas Kundli Darpan happens to be a full-fledged 110 pages of the report which consists of predictions of numerology as well as calculations of astrology, alongside all the entire package of crucial remedies. This online extensive Kundli report known as kundli darpan consists of 5 yearlong predictions of transits alongside DarpanPhal of 5-years. It is known to be very essential. The kundli darpan forecasts aid natives with day to day, monthly as well as forecasts did annually. These detailed predictions carefully read the crusade of various planets, your house, as well as the aggregations of the planet. All these facets have been known to make up a full-fledged report for. These elements grace its presence in the report which people can read as well as analyse. Instead of running here and there and wasting your time going deep into the research for a skilled astrologer, you have to be fully confident in order to depend upon the astrological scrutinizing the kundli darpan.


The kundli darpan findings in the report give an indication of several crucial events that are going to take place in the bride or a groom’s life before as well as after the marriage, the couple’s lucky colour which would have a direct effect on their marriage, their lucky day to consider after marriage with the deep introspection of Kundli matching done in the process. The bride and the groom’s lucky supplementary stones as well as all the broad and wide-ranging fine points that may aid you (prospective bride and the groom in order to accomplish the entire day). The report is very crucial for both the prospective bride as well as the groom in order to foretell the various units in future related to love, health, relationship, financial terms, overall personality traits and characteristics of both the couple as well as the intimate details unknown to many. This report is used in order to evaluate all the weaknesses as well as strengths of several planets in the prospective bride as well as the prospective groom’s birth chart. Suitable remedies which would aid the anyalysis of both the benefic as well as malefic planets upon the person’s horoscope would be drawn out carefully.

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