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Importance of Kundali matching before marriage.

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Kundali matching is a famous and effective Hindu custom that precedes the decision of marriage. Most Hindu matches are created only after performing this auspicious custom. Times have changed, many traditions have been discarded and stripped of its importance, but Kundali matching enjoys the importance even now. 

What makes it so important even in this modern age? Is it really needed? Does it even work? What if it is love marriages? Is it relevant now? There are endless questions of doubt people have regarding this custom, but the proof of its authenticity and effectiveness is all the couples around us. 

Relevance in the modern age. 

In today’s time, this generation values luxury, self need and freedom way more than a life-long commitment. They do not have space for compromise in their life. With more and more people with this mindset, more and more marriages are ending. They only ever need the smallest and tiniest of reason to break the relation, to separate or even to get divorced. 

This is a problem that can be solved with the help of Kundali matching. This custom can help many marriage lives and help them lead a more satisfied and happy marital life. 

What makes it so relevant?

Various processes are used for Kundali matching. Though the methods could vary widely from each other, its baseline remains the same. These processes focus on not simply the compatibility, as per the contrary beliefs, but it also focuses on many other things. All the various aspects of marriage are considered in the processes. Not only that, but all the aspects of one’s personality is also considered.

Though times have surely been changing and becoming more modern, and the present generation sure hates compromising, but that doesn’t mean that they do not value marriage. Marriage is an even bigger step to them than it was to everyone before them. A life-long commitment seems a very huge step to all of them, and they are worried if they are making the right decisions or not. They are worried about going into the unknown. 

And this is where Kundali matching becomes their armour in very shining armour. Matching of Kundali provides them with all that they need to know before they think of marrying. It answers the most important question, whether the couple would experience happiness and compatibility even when situations and circumstances are very difficult. 

What aspects do Kundali matching considers?

Kundali matching has many processes that consider many different aspects of a marriage. But the aspects that are always given importance no matter what process it is, are the compatibility of behaviour, nature, personality and temper. It considers their future health and how their marriage would affect their career. Moreover, it tries to predict the couple’s chances of conceiving and having a healthy and happy baby. Times could change, but everyone wants to bless their marriage with a baby. 

Kundali matching also includes the compatibility of the individual with their in-laws. After all, the family is important and if one’s spouse struggles in the area of compatibility with their parents and siblings, the chances of conflicts are too high.

What if Kundali matching doesn’t find a match auspicious for marriage?

Kundali matching tries to predict the auspiciousness of a marriage based on several different aspects. But if unfortunately, the couple doesn’t get a clear green light for marriage that is not the end of it. The reasons for inauspiciousness are usually their incompatibility based on certain aspects. And these incompatibilities usually arise due to the presence of some dosh. Though the presence of any dosh is very drastic, many remedies can solve or nullify any dosh and its effects. The astrologers come forward with a possible solution to the presence of dosh or even Low Gunn Milan.

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