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What is kundali matching? What are its benefits? Is it accurate? Can it really predict my partner and my married life? Is it effectual? The answer is yes to all your questions and if you have more questions, after you finish reading this article, every single one of them would be answered. Often people assume kundali matching to be something else than what it is, and they are surprised to know what it really is and how true its predictions are.

What is kundali matching?

In short and in layman’s terms, kundali matching is the matching of the janamkundalis of the individuals. To dig in deeper and to understand how it’s predictions hold true, allow me to explain. These janamkundalis are custom made and drawn for every person and it is different for every person. Confused? Janamkundalis are the astrological birth charts that are drawn up when the child is born and needs three important details about the individual to be calculated and they are the exact date of birth of the individual, exact time of birth of the individual and the place of birth. And these janamkundalis form the basis of the kundali matching as the janamkundalis of the prospective groom and bride are matched, compared and analysed. Why are these janamkundalis matched? Because the janamkundali of an individual tells us almost everything about the individual, for example, like the innate dominant personality traits, the strengths and weaknesses, the likes and dislikes, the financial status, the inner potential of the individual, how the individual would react if placed under a stressful and pressurizing situation and so on. Kundali matching is also further calculated with the help of the asthakootmilan process which is the ultimate compatibility test between the individuals. So, there are eight important and main kootas in the janamkundalis of the individual. The kootas represent the various aspects of the individual’s life after marriage. These  kootas contain Gunas and each of these kootas have a different number of Gunas. Now these Gunas play a vital role in kundali matching because they determine the compatibility between the couple. The sum total of the gunas are thirty sixgunas and if the couple is awarded above eighteen Gunas out of the thirty six Gunas, then the match is considered to be approved and probable. If the couple is awarded less than eighteen Gunas out of the thirty sixGunas, the match is said to be inauspicious.

What are the benefits of kundali matching?

There are many benefits of kundali matching, but the main ones are:

It analyses the mental and emotional compatibility between the individuals who are about to be married. The mental understanding and the emotional compatibility plays a huge role in a marriage and if the individuals are not on the same page, then problems are bound to arise.

It calculates the physical or sexual compatibility between the individuals. Kundali matching also tests the sexual compatibility between the individuals as physical compatibility plays an important role in the marriage as well.

It predicts and calculates the health of the progeny of the couple. Kundali matching can also tell us the health of the child the couple may have or if they will have children.

It predicts the financial stability and situation of the couple after marriage.

It tells us the relationships the couple will share with their respective in laws.

Kundali matching also acts as a guide for the couple in order to live their married life in harmony and peacefully as it can be.

It also predicts the age of longevity of the marriage and predicts if the couple will be separated or divorced or will stay together.

As you can see, kundali matching only checks and analyses the necessary factors of a marriage and that too is dome in order for your partner and you to be happy, the astrologer gets nothing out of all these calculations.

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