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In the field of Vedic astrology, the presence of the Moon is of great importance especially in the process of Kundali matching. Moon in Sanskrit is known as Soma or Chandra. In Vedic scriptures, this name was derived from the sacred drink that was intoxicating.

Chandra in Sanskrit means “shining and bright”. The astrological entity moon is known to express inner thoughts and feelings from an individual’s emotional aspect of life.

It shows a person’s personal needs which are deep, basic habits, and the ways in which he/she reacts unconsciously to self.

Importance of Moon in Astrology:

The celestial body Moon is very important when it comes to following the processes related to Hindu traditions. Many factors can be determined with the help of the placement of the Moon in the Kundali.

The zodiac signs that belong to the element water such as Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are known to be ruled by the Moon.

Though Sun is thought to be the most powerful entity, it is the Moon that causes the most fluctuations in an individual’s mood as well as the reason behind the drive of the individual’s personalities.

Moon happens to depict many valuable qualities such as being a symbol of truth and colossal purity and it also behaves as an expression of divinity and wisdom.

Along with such qualities it also signifies the actual expression of dreams, beauty, fantasy and charm. Moon is complemented by the gemstone Pearl and the color White.

What is Chandra Mahadasha?

Chandra Mahadasha for an individual occurs when he/she contains Moon as the Ruling Nakshatra or star. The maternal feelings as well as the aspects related to motherhood such as emotions, fertility, nourishment, and public life are depicted by the Moon.

When you have the Ruling Nakshatra to be the Moon, you tend to possess qualities such as being emotional, intuitive and showing concern to your near and dear ones.

Effects of Chandra Mahadasha:

With the Moon as the Ruling Nakshatra, a person tends to acquire qualities like being sensitive, receptive, and affluent, having a good memory, and approaching meritorious deeds.

There are two possibilities of Chandra Mahadasha. When the moon is strong during the Chandra Mahadasha, then you will be very imaginative, artistic, knowledgeable and fearless.

And if the moon is weak during the Chandra Mahadasha, then you face problems like lethargy, menstrual problems and kidney problems and many others.

What is Chandra Dosha?

During the time of Chandra Mahadasha if there happens to be wrong positioning of the moon then the Dosha is known to be Chandra Dosha. The presence of this Dosha will cause problems in your relationships and any bond you have with the people close to you.

If there is the presence of Chandra Dosha then you are likely to face all kinds of diseases and physical aches. Due to this Dosha, you might also face a lot of mental stress and go through depression.

You might notice flaws in your personality and it is because of this Dosha. Your emotions will seem clogged and you’ll always be on the edge. There may be some issues in dealing with people due to your mind not being sound and also with the family members.

Remedies for Chandra Dosha:

For lessening the effect of this Dosha on your life, you should pray to the moon and please it. This is one of the direct methods, as the problems arising are due to the wrong positioning of the Moon in your Kundali.

By donating food items and other useful commodities such as camphor, rice, grains and white clothes you may be able to reduce the effect of this Dosha.

Along with these items, donating bullocks, pearls, silver, sandalwood, flower, and curds also helps in reducing the effect of Chandra Dosha.

By donating such things it will help you in your life and make a difference as you are helping somebody by providing them these things.

If you wish to reduce the effect of Chandra Dosha by chanting mantras, then the chanting of the Chandra Graha Mantra will be beneficial.

Chandra Dosha might hinder your life from progressing but there are ample solutions that can be followed to lessen its effect.

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