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There are few things to understand when it comes to knowing about the involvement of the
retrograde planets in our daily life and also in our marriages. Mercury is the planet that is the
nearest to the energy called Sun. Being the very closest to the ball of fire, it becomes easy for
Mercury to form a medium of communication between other planets and the Sun. The daily
knowledge or the pattern of life or lifestyle is incorporated with the choices that one makes in their
daily life. Mercury works on what the individual wants to convey to others. Mercury is the one that
rules on two different zodiacs; one is the Gemini and the other is the Virgo. That is why these
planets prefer to look over the practical ways of life.
Every planet bestows auspicious energy till it goes retrograde. When such things hid hard, it not only
affects the making of a prior decision of the person as well. 


Mercury Retrograde is nothing but the backward movement of the planet while traveling through
the solar system. Such events bring problems and challenges when it comes to the hardships in both
love and professional life. 
The individual might be very efficient and full of hard work with efforts but when things change
negatively, it causes disruption. There are conflicts between the couple that takes place. The
logical reasoning along with the intelligence tends to get sharper. 
It is advised not to take a proper decision for marriage through kundali matching as well as the
retrograde will go direct in a short space of life and the effects will stay in the relationship forever. It
is also told not to invest in work or ideas that call for a new beginning in life. As already mentioned,
regarding the marriage, even the new venture like a project, launch, or contract is going to backfire.
That is why anything new should not be started.


Such Retrograde makes sure to target the personality of the person and the behavior that it bestows
over an individual. The pattern of communication changes and conflicts come into place.
1ST HOUSE: The individual tends to become more impulsive and they provide immediate outputs.
But taking decisions in a hurry might turn out to be the opposite of the result that they desire.
2nd HOUSE: With the second house, the individual makes sure to attain wealth. They inherit a lot of
intelligence and are blessed with intellectual capabilities.
3rd HOUSE: This house makes the person courageous during the retrograde. They start to become
determined about the goals that they want to achieve.
4th HOUSE: This individual is blessed with a luxurious lifestyle during the period of the retrograde.
5th HOUSE: When the regression happens, the individual is blessed with a girl as a child than the
boys. They receive profound respect and devotion from them.
6th HOUSE: With the Mercury retrograde, the person feels and becomes aimless in life. They
become delusional as well as confused in life.
7th HOUSE: When Mercury reaches the seventh house, they get blessed with a charming and
gorgeous life partner.
8th HOUSE: With the mercury in this house in the process of regression, the individual tends to get
spiritual and more religious than anyone else. It has the power to shorten the lifespan of the
individual as well.
9th HOUSE: With the mercury retrograde, the person becomes dedicated to the scriptures and the
Vedas. They can become a scientist, teacher or doctor as well.

10th HOUSE: It is the involvement of the inheritance of the properties from the paternal side. They
have an approach full of diplomacy and are bestowed with an influential persona.
11th HOUSE: The individual is in luck by gaining prosperity in terms of wealth, the longevity of life
and happiness.
12th HOUSE: The individual is a born fighter. They have sincerity in their nature and are prone to
spirituality and religious activities.

Kundali matching during Mercury retrograde is not auspicious as they cause turbulences in the later
part of the married life.

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