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Kundali matching is an age-old tradition of matching janam kundalis of two people on the
basis of various factors. This is a pretty important process not only to see the level of
compatibility between the bride and groom but also to check compatibility in a business
It is a very trusted and accurate tradition which is carried by well-versed as well as
experienced astrologers. These astrologers will read your kundalis using the method of your
choice and then give the result accordingly.
Some of the methods of kundali matching can be a bit complex and tedious while others are
simpler and consume less time. However, no matter which method you use, the result of
your kundali matching will be just the same.

Kundali Matching by Name Only:

This is a simpler method of kundali matching and does not consume a lot of time as well. For
the astrologer to match your kundalis on the basis of your name only, he will need your
birth name or original name.
In general, the Rashi name is used for matching kundalis by name. However, if you are not
satisfied with the result from this name, you can use your original name as well. It is
believed that your name has a lot of hidden information.
Therefore, with the help of kundali matching by name only, you get to use this information
for your benefit. It is always advised that you should use both the names for matching
kundalis since Rashi names help in finding the love compatibility and the original name will help
you know about your health as well as financial status after marriage.

Kundali Matching by Date of Birth only:

Your accurate date of birth also contains a lot of importance when it comes to matching
your kundali. This process of matching your kundali by date of birth only works on the basis
of numerology or the study of numbers.
It is considered that with the proper knowledge of numerology, the traits and future of a
person can be predicted easily. Therefore, with the help of kundali matching by date of birth
only, you can very easily choose the correct partner for yourself.
The first step towards matching your kundalis by this process is knowing what your destiny
number is. In order to calculate your destiny number, you need to add all the numbers of
your date of birth.
If the sum comes out to be a two-digit number, add the remaining two digits in order to get
a single digit. This number will then be your destiny number. The destiny number is very
important for you to know your future as well as your other half.

Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth:

Now, this particular method is considered to be the most accurate and trusted method. It
will make use of your name as well as your correct date of birth to make prediction about
your future.
Both your name as well as your date of birth have a lot to say about you and your future.
Thus, if we use them individually, chances are that we might miss out some information.
However, in kundali matching by name and date of birth, the chances of missing out on any
information are less.
You can use your Rashi name or your original name since both will yield the same results.
However, make sure that you give the correct date of birth to the astrologer or else your
kundali readings might come out wrong.

Kundali Matching by Traditional Method:

This is the very old method of matching kundalis using several factors. This is a very complex
and time-consuming method because it makes use of placement of planets, name, date of
birth, place of birth, and time of birth to predict your future.
Since a lot of factors are to be considered in this method, you should always consult a
trustworthy astrologer who has a good amount of knowledge. This is because most of your
future decisions will depend upon the reading.
Therefore, you wouldn’t want to take any wrong decisions due to the misinterpretation of your
Janam kundalis. You need to remember that no matter which method you adopt, the result
will be pretty accurate.

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