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The first and foremost step in completing the marriage prospect between the groom and
bride is considered to be Kundali Milan or matchmaking. Since ages, matching Kundli Milan
or Rashi has always been an important ritual to start the marriage process.
There are several reasons mentioned due to which the process of kundali matching has
gained so much importance with time. Even today, people consider it to be the most
significant step before deciding upon marriage between two people.

Kundali Matching and Poojas:

After studying and matching the kundalis, the astrologer doing so might suggest you to
perform certain poojas in order to have a successful and long-lasting married life. There can
be certain problems or doshas in your kundali which can be eliminated once pooja is
However, these poojas are to be done after the astrologer has carefully looked at your
planets and stars. This is important because the placement of these celestial bodies will
define your married life to a great extent.

Kundali Matching and Dosha Solving:

Doshas are the ill effects that can be seen in your life due to the bad placement of planets in
your janam kundali. These doshas are likely to bring a lot of bad luck in your life as well as
act as hurdles in your marriage.
If you consult a good astrologer who is well-versed in the art of kundali matching, you will
get to identify the presence of such doshas in your or your partner’s kundali. Such doshas
should be eliminated from your life as soon as possible.
Therefore, a good astrologer will then suggest you remedies for the elimination of the
doshas. You can wear certain gemstones, crystals, perform poojas or make use of yantras to
have a secure married life.

Kundali Matching and Mental Stability:

Kundali matching can be very useful in knowing how the couple behave with one another. It
will also talk about the bride and groom’s characteristics, traits, personalities as well as
All these are essential for you to know because they are the foundation of a good marriage.
Matching of your kundalis will also talk at length about how healthy you two are likely to be
after marriage both physically as well as mentally. Physical and mental compatibility are
must in a marriage.

Kundali Matching and Childbirth:

A very important factor of marriage is to have successful childbirth. Therefore, kundali
matching is pretty important in order to know how many offsprings you are likely to have
after your marriage.

Kundali matching will also help you to know how healthy your babies will be and whether or
not you will face any problems related to birth of your child. In case of any issues, the
astrologer can come up with measures as well as remedies which can help you deal with
such problems.

Kundali Matching and Financial Stability:

Money is the most important asset for everyone and hence it needs to be carefully looked
at while doing kundali matching. With the help of this, you will get to know how stable you
and your partner will be in terms of money after getting married.
Kundali matching will also give you an idea about future job prospects for you as well as for
your partner. With the help of this, you will get to know about how you are likely to spend
and whether or not you should be worried about your spending habits.
Kundali Matching and Love Compatibility:
This is the most important significance of kundali matching. It is extremely important to
check the level of love compatibility between the bride and the groom before they get
married. Love is such an essential part of a marriage and without it, marriages are likely to
With the help of guna milan, the astrologer will tell you exactly how compatible you are
with your partner. For your marriage to be considered fit, at least 18 out of these 36 gunas
should match. However, if some problem arises, the astrologer can then give you some
remedies and will make sure that your marriage turns out to be successful as well as long-
lasting. Always remember to consult the best astrologer.

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