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Love and Marriage are both based on the nature of the trust that a Relationship provides. The
matching process between the man and the woman before moving towards the bond of marriage is
was goes through the process of matching the kundalis and is vividly known as Kundali Matching or
Kundali Milan. This method of understanding the individuals for holy matrimony has been in use
from the ancient history of the Vedas and Puranas that are highly prevalent in India. This helps in not
only determining the level of compatibility that the couple has to provide but also helps in checking
the disharmony that might get caused due to the marriage.


Kundali matching is designed with the help of the movement of the planets and the mystical celestial
bodies in the Universe to understand the life of the individual after he/she enters the new paradigm
of a life called marriage. Who does not want a harmonious life? We all do. But we also see so many
couples who break or collapse due to the imbalance in their own life. When two individuals are
going to be bonded in each other’s lives, it is very needful for them to understand each other’s
nature, thoughts, ways of living and mentality. Because in the end, our life gets affected by the
company we keep around us. A proper kundali matching ensures a life that can be recovered from
the obstacles if we know the root cause and rip it from the roots.


Some people see fighting couples around them and determine to stay unmarried forever to avoid
such tendencies of fights in life. But we should never judge other’s life or desire a life that they have.
You never know what they are into that they don’t speak about.
An individual must always opt for a life of marriage because
– A married couple is not only two people bonded with responsibility but they act as a support
and act as a confidant in each other’s life. That forms a beautiful team together.
– A man represents Purush that is male and a female represents Prakriti that is nature. When
the confluence between a man and a woman happens, they become one together. They get
a partner to move around all along in happiness or in sadness who can understand them
more than they understand themselves.
The process of Kundali matching is done to understand the different qualities between the man and
their woman. If the kundali is not properly matched before marriage then it can cause a few adverse
effects in life as well. It can also lead to the conditions of death. An astrologer of proper experience
makes sure to match the level that helps the clients to get over their hurdles with ease without
causing ups and downs in their married life.


– The lifespan or the company between the bride and the groom is tracked through the
method of Kundali matching. It ensures healthy life of togetherness between both.
– Health is a must-check in the life of every individual and their partner as it affects their life
drastically or progressively. It depends on the compatibility that forms between the couple.

– For the financial conditions, Kundali matching helps in solving the problems with ease so
that there are no problems that come up related to money after marriage. It is because the
partnership has the power to make a personal touch the heights of success or even the dust
of the soil.
-For a bright and happy future, nothing is more important than matching the kundalis to
understand the paradigms of the future along with the partner, the individual is meant to
– The understanding on mutual terms is very essential for the partners as it makes the
marriage an elixir. If there is devoid of mutual understanding, the marriage is meant to fail
no matter how compatible the couple tends to be, before marriage.
Marriage is a holy amalgamation of two souls and destiny depends on how the people write their
future with the open book of Kundali matching and Astrology.